Raimundo Beca

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Statements of support for Raimundo Beca
Alvaro Urzúa
I consider Mr. Beca one of the best candidates to contribute to the ICANN board in ASO-related aspects,because his experience,knowledge and understanding of Internet related issues in the region.
Enrique Celis

I know Mr. Beca for many years, and have been greatly impressed for his strong dedication and knowledge about the diferent issues been dealt with in the ICANN and other Internet-related organizations as well.Therefore, I strongly support his nomination, as there are several new issues where his professional and mature contribution will be highly valuable and effective.
Oscar Battiston

Mr Raimundo Beca is highly qualified for his wide experience in Internet and ICANN matters and because he can perfectly understand sensibilities from Latin America region.
Waldo Maldonado

I think that Mr. Beca has been an important contributor to the development of Internet in LatinAmerica, he is working throught ICANN board and their Committes. He is a very good professional and professor, he is very interesting in the development of the Internet an their services to the community.
Raúl Troncoso Keymer

Through my position as a former MBA director and actual business administration undergraduate director I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Beca and his work in CTC in Chile. He is well prepared to represent different positions and ideas in high tech areas, at international level.
Fidel Venegas
Support Reasons: 1) His excellent work when he was memeber of the ASO Address Council.
2) His professional and academic backgroud
3) Hi is a har worker.
Ignacio Camarero
I consider Raimundo qualified to contribute to different aspects of ICANN and internet as he is experienced in both.
Tony Harris

I consider Raimundo eminently qualified to contribute to issues within ICANN related to the ASO and the Internet.I also beleive he will be an effective Board member and contribute to the ongoing restructure of ICANN.


Oscar Robles
Raimundo has the experience of the IP issues, being part of the Address Council.Also he has working with domain name aspects, which gives him the excellent perspective to see the hole picture of the ICANN problematic.


Di Benedetto Luis

I known him long time ago and I appreciate his expertice in telecommunication. He work very hard as a President of AHCIET Commission.

I believe he has the skills for the ICANN issues


Patricio Poblete

Raimundo Beca is a n ideal candidate for the ICANN Baord, for his brad an extensive experience, his understanding of the issues, which we have been able to appreciate through his involvement in the NIC Chile Advisory Board.
Juan A. Muñoz

Good knowledge of the marketPrevious experience in ICANN


Javier Seriña
For his wide experience in Internet and Icann matters and because it is important to have a voice representing views and sensibilities from Latin America
Alejandro Vidal
His experience in ICANN mattersTo increase the presence of latinoamerican representatives in internet world


Azucena Hernández

Mr Beca is well known in the Internet Spanish speaking community and is highly qualified to serve effectively on the ICANN Board.
Felix Hernandez-Gil

In my opinion his an excellent candidate because he has a very good understanding of the ICANN issues, outstanding academic and professional background, large experience in international forums, and showed strong commitment serving previously at ICANN.
Víctor Matute

He would contribute to IP address policy issues because of his broad experience in related matters, he is well known in Latin America, Europe and Internationally and would be an effective board member.
Ximena Oñate

Raimundo Beca has an impressive Curriculum, he has the knowledge for the position, a very good understanding of the ICANN issues that he would have to deal, his skills are impressive and his background either in the academic and professional world makes him the best candidate for the position. He also speaks 3 languages, he is been in many international positions and he is an outstanding representative in many domains that he has already dealt with.


Jorge Falaha

His professional and academic background, his commitment for the development of Internet and his excellent work as a member of the ASO Address Council
Jacques Rosselin
Raimundo Beca is one of the most experienced person I know in the field of Information Technologies and IT policies. I worked with him when we were representing France in several comitees of the European Commission (DG XIII) in Luxembourg : Comitee for scientific and technical information (CIDST), Commitee for innovation and technological transfer (CIT).

He has a very clear and prospective view of this fast moving industry and a solid technical background.



I consider Mr. Raimundo Beca as a suitable and ideal candidate to contribute to ASO-related aspects of ICANN and the Internet in general and to serve effectively on the ICANN Board.
oscar garreton

His capacity to serve effectively on the ICANN Board.
Mr. Javier Nadal
I consider Mr. Raimundo Beca as a suitable and ideal candidate to contribute to ASO-related aspects of ICANN and the Internet in general and to serve effectively on the ICANN Board.He certainly has the appropriate skills for the job which include full understanding of ICANN issues along with a wide professional background.

He has been working for three years as an AC Member and has attended all the AC Meetings,and the policy meetings in the 3 RIRs plus LACNIC.

I have known him for five years during which he has always proved high professional qualifications and credibility. Therefore I give all my support to him.

Hartmut Richard Glaser

He would contribute to IP address policy issues because of his broad experience in related matters, he is well known in Latin America, Europe and Internationally and would be an effective board member.
Teodoro Wigodski
Excelent commitment in: – ASO Address Council, appointed by ARIN.

– Editorial Group of the Ad-Hoc Group on Numbering and Addressing of ICANN, appointed by the ICANN Board in representation of ASO.

– Interim Board of LACNIC.

– Steering Committee of NIC Chile.

Pierre Etienne

For it’s experience in the communication field at an international level
Dominique Commiot

I have known Raimundo for over 20 years. I feel he would provide the insight, wisdom and competencies that ICANN needs to achieve its’ policies and objectives. Over a great number of years, Raimundo has developed the necessary skills to handle all types of challenges and if elected, I’m certain his diversity and expertise in the field of communications – and others – would be of great value to ICANN.He is the type of person one can trust to make decisions in the interests of those for whom he has taken on responsibilities.
Philippe Collier

I have known very well Raimundo Beca for 25 years when he was at the French Ministry of Industry and delagate to the European Commission and OECD. I have appraciate his knowledge, human qualities and diplomatic skills.

He is a great expert in telecommunications, networking and new media with a worlwide experience.

I firmly believe he’s the best candidate for Latin America to the ICANN Board.

I have been striken with the vision and knowledge of Raimundo Beca when he was working in the french ministry of Industry.  At this time (1981 – 1989), he showed a remarkable vision of the development of networks, of the information technologies and information industry – which was quite rare at that moment. Moreover, he has always been concerned by the relation between technical aspects and applications, content management, economic and social consequences of the development of the technologies.  When being in charge, he was very active, taking initiatives, so as to develop practically information services. He was a leading individual in the development of these techniques in France and had very good relations with all concerned parties. He was also deeply aware of international aspects.

Of course, his other activities since that period seem to qualify him, but my support comes clearly from my personal experience with him, during the period he was working in France (I was at that time director in the National Agency for development of information technologies, in charge of general studies, technological prospective studies, organisational, economic and social impact of information technologies development.

Maurice Ronai
I met Raimundo Beca twenty years ago as a civil servant in the french Ministry of Industry. Raimundo Beca obviously has the skills for the job: professional background; experience in international forums… He has a strong commitment with the Internet : the Address Council, the Business Constituency, NIC Chile, AHCIET Internet Commission, LACNIC and the Steering Committee of the Santiago ICANN Meeting.
Raul Echeberria

His broad experience in Address’ matters and the commitment that he has shown in the positions that in which he has served until now.


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