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Statements of support for Fred Searle
Paul Jaeger

I have known Fred Searle for 18 years, working with him overseas for 12 years. I can recommend him both as a team player and as team leader. He is dedicated to the task in hand and gets things done and will work long hours to do so. He is a sucessful web master and is interested in communications and all things internet. He has sat on various boards and committees and his vast experience will be an asset to the ICANN board. I fully support his nomination.
Mr. Angus Macrae
Having worked for Fred Searle in the past I know him to be an honest, enthusiastic and very professional person in what ever capacity he is involved in. He has worked in the communications environment in many parts of the World over many years and hs built up a vast knowledge in the subject. His organisational and management skills are excellent. He is the organiser and Web Master of the website It would be your loss at ICANN if Fred Searle were not to be elected to the board.
Denis Nelson

He is a man of honesty and integrity.

I would like to express my support for Fred Searle in his nomination.
Ron Miller

I believe that Fred would be a diligent member and would contribute to ASO-related aspects of ICANN and the Internet in general. He would serve most effectively on the ICANN Board. I have known Fred for many years.
Peter Baldwin

I have known Fred Searle for 25 years and can vouch for his enthusiasm, reliability and integrity. He is ultra-efficient and has the interests of others at heart. I strongly recommend him for a board appointment.
Simon Parr

1) sound knowledge in the internet, and ways of maximising it’s usage and effectiveness 2) the amount of time that and dedication that Fred would be able to contribute to an organisation
John Clark

His long experience in communications and web design stands him in good stead. This is based on my experience with him both in service with the British Army and afterwards.
Robert S. Shand Mr Searle has always shown himself to be both an honest and subjective personage when it comes to taking his responsibilities seriously. He is the type of person one can trust to make decisions in the interests of those for whom he has taken on responsibilities as a leader and has already proved himself with a lifetime in the field of electronic communications.
John Fortey

I support Fred’s nomination very strongly. I am new to the internet and am still finding my way around… Since joining I have visited website,, as I was in that army unit. Fred has been most helpful in advising where to look for information and contacts. It is a very active site as you will see by the dates of messages/info etc, and, for a newcomer a very friendly site. Also replys to queries are answered within a day usually. I expect that I am only echoing comments already made about his site management but I do mean what I say.
JR Berry

I firmly believe him to be an eminently suitable candidate because has a wealth of communications and IT related experience worldwide, and has in addition been president of or an effective, committed contributor to committees and management boards covering a large variety of matters at local,national and international levels.
Frank Dalton

Mr Searle has a proven track record and willbring that cutting edge to the ICANN board.He has consistently delivered on all of projects with me – within very tigth time scales and has the ability to always make the right choice.
Laurie Storey

I have known Fred Searle for nearly forty years in a professional and social capacity. He is well read, articulate and has good leadership qualities.He is well travelled.

In a professional capacity he has the experience to serve as a useful member of the board having served on many committees during his working life.I consider he would be a useful member of the ICCANN Board.

Pete Collins

I have Known Fred Searle over many years. Any task he has undertaken he has put his whole energy and on several occasions has been instemental in suggestion imorivments.I have no hesitation in recomending him for a position on the board
John Brown
I have known Fred Searle for about 40 years. He is a man of great integrity and dynamism, who will fully contribute to, and participate in, all ASO related matters and be a perfect ambassador for them; he is not a “9 to 5” man and always gives 110% so I have no compunction in recommending his nomination to the ICANN Board.
Robbie Burns

I have known Fred Searle for over 40 years and can vouch for his professionalism in secure communications and international business. Served with him in HM Forces. An excellent organiser.
Roger J Courtney MBE

I have known Fred Searle for over 40 years. He is a born leader, has much drive and natural ability and he can, always, be relied upon to give of his best. He has much to contribute to ASO related aspects of ICANN,and the Internet in General, and he would serve, most effectively, on the ICANN Board.
Andrew G. Riddell
Having served and worked closely with Fred Searle for nearly 50 years I can honestly support and recommend him for any undertaking he apply for. A very well organised individual who will tackle any task and will give support to any organisation he works for.
Derek Fretwell

I have known the nominee for 35 years and have worked with him in the communications world. I know him to be meticulous in his work. He has done a superb job in organising the Birgelen Veteran’s website.
Michael Smart

Having served with Fred in various locations throughout the world, I believe his man management and communications skills will contribute enormously to the role of ICANN.
Robbie Burns

I have known Fred Searle for over 30 years and have only admiration for his qualities as an international expert in the field of secure communications. I also served with him as Officers in HM Forces and can vouch for his professionalism and general probity. He has been almost totally responsible for raising The Birgelen Veterans Website and he is our Webmaster.
Dave Mundy

I have known Fred in his capacity as web founder for the 13th Signal Regiment Radio web site. He is known throughout the unit as a thoroughly respectable and dilligent person. I support Fred in his application and wish him well.
Frank C. Wheeler

Fred Searle is, a highly respected man. The respect comes from his tenacity of purpose, resilience to setbacks and a drive from within that is envied by many. Further, he would be an asset to any organisation that he associated himself with and it would be that organisations loss if it did not take advantage of his very willing services.I for one, thoroughly endorse his membership being sure of the very solid contribution he would make if appointed.
Roberta Paton

Mr Searle is extremely experienced in Communications. He is adaptable, continually updating his skills in this information technological age. His people skills are second to none.
Maxwell Scott

An ideal candidate, who possesses two main core skills for this post, Management and Talent. I feel Fred would provide the insight, wisdom and competencies that ICANN needs to achieve its’ policies and objectives. Over a great number of years, Fred has developed the necessary skills to handle all types of challenges and if elected, I’m certain his diversity and expertise would be of great value to ICANN and it’s Supporting Organisations. If you are seeking a person to fulfil the ‘strategic needs of the Organisation’ and who is capable of proactively seeking best practices, then don’t hesitate – elect Fred SEARLE!
John Graham

To whom it may concern, I have known Fred Searle for going on 32 years as a Warrant Officer in the British Army and latterly as webmaster of our vetrans site on the internet. The site is a credit to him and the way he manages it would greatly enhance the workings of the ICANN Board.
Steve J. Anthony

As a fellow veteran of the British Army and having seen the dedicated work Fred Searle has put into the Birgelen web site I feel he can contribute a great deal in this position.
Henrik Kiertzner

I have known Fred Searle for many years and his integrity is unimpeachable, his commitment and devotion unparalleled and his experience superb. I can think of no better representative to ICANN in this capacity,
Alan Merrigan

I had the honour and pleasure of serving with Fred Searle in the British Army. He is a man of honesty and integrity.Fred Searle, gets things ‘done’.
Don France
Support Reason:I believe the excellent Job Fred had done with the Birgelen website would recommend him to serve in this position.
David L. Hopkins


Support Reason:I served with Mr. Searle in the British Army. In my opinion, he is a natural leader, innovative & while very congenial, gets results.
Cyril G.Harding
Support Reason:

First class background in communication skills.  Many years of management experience.


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