MAEMURA Akinori (surname, first name, 前村 昌紀 in Han Characters) is working for Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) as General Manager of Internet Development Department. He now serves as one of two ASO Address Council Appointees for ICANN Board of Directors at its Seat 10.

He has rich experience more than 20 years in Internet Coordination and Governance, rooted in Network Operations Coordination and IP Numbers Management.

For IP Numbers Management, he holds a comprehensive knowledge and expertise covering the address policy and its development processes at regional and national levels, the overall institutional scheme, governance, strategy and the operation of the Internet Registries. He was elected to the Executive Council of APNIC, its governing board, in 2000, then elected as the Chair of it in 2003. He was seated at the Chair position until March 2016, with an additional role as APNIC EC observer to NRO EC (Executive Council of Number Resource Organization) since 2010. For more than a decade, he was directly involved in the governance and strategy of the Internet Registries, representing APNIC membership and broader community which are very diverse.

The department which he currently leads at JPNIC covers a wide range of activities for the coordination and promotion of the Internet Infrastructure, including research on the Internet policies and technologies, Events, Communications and the oversight role of .jp ccTLD. Among them, he is directly involved in Policy Research for Domain Names and Internet Governance. Based on the knowledge by research and participation, his department disseminates various information on ICANN and the domain name policies including major outcomes of every ICANN meetings, ICANN Board resolutions, policies adopted by ICANN, through JPNIC website, organized events, online magazines and publications to serve the Japanese Community. Further, the department facilitates Internet Governance Conference Japan (IGCJ) to engage Japanese Community to the discussion on the Internet Governance.

Akinori began his career for the Internet with designing a nation-wide ISP backbone network operated by NEC Corporation in 1994 when commercial Internet services emerging in Japan. Since then, he has been involved in the coordination of the Internet in Japan, including the foundation of JANOG (Japan Network Operators’ Group) as a Steering Committee member and involvement in the IP Address Management at JPNIC.

He moved from NEC to France Telecom Group in 2000 and took positions of IP Engineering for Japan, IP Product Management for Asian Region and then R&D in Tokyo Laboratories until 2006. During these years his involvement into activities with JPNIC and APNIC kept increasing. In order to dedicate his efforts to the Internet Coordination, he joined JPNIC as an employee.

Currently at Board of Directors of ICANN, in addition to his expertise in IP Numbers field, he especially contributes in IDN and other technical issues to serve as Chair of Board IDN Working Group since October 2017 and Chair of the Board Technical Committee since October 2018. Additionally he is active to fulfil the missions in regional events on behalf of ICANN Board; ITU Telecom World (Bangkok 2016, Busan 2017), World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit (2016 – 2018) and Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (2018) on the top of his inherent activities at APNIC Conferences.

Public Services:

  • Visiting Research Fellow for GLOCOM (Center for Global Communication of the International University of Japan) (2007 –)
  • Chair of Publicity Working Group of the Taskforce on IPv4 Address Exhaustion, Japan (2008 –)
  • Nomination Committee of ISOC Japan Chapter (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018)
  • Co-Chair of Japanese Generation Panel (JGP) for the root-zone Label Generation Rule (2014 –)
  • Board Director of JPCERT Coordination Center (JPCERT/CC) (2014 –)
  • Board Director of Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Economy (APIDE) (2015 –)
  • Coordination Group Member of Japan IGF (2017 –)
  • Executive Council of Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (2000 – 2016, Chair 2003 – 2016) gs
  • Inaugural Coordination Council of NETmundial Initiative (2015 –2016)
  • Executive Multistakeholder Committee of NETmundial Conference (2014)
  • Visiting Lecturer at Reitaku University (2007 — 2014)
  • Trustee of JPNIC (2002 – 2007)
  • JANOG Steering Committee (1997 — 2007)

Services within ICANN Board of Directors:

  • Risk Committee (since October 2016 until now)
  • Audit Committee (since October 2017 until now)
  • Technical Committee (since October 2017, Chair since October 2018)
  • IDN Working Group (since October 2016, Chair since October 2017)

A Japanese national, based in Tokyo with wife and two children, with Japanese as the native tongue and English to fulfil the global and regional duties.