Dmitry Burkov is a leading Russian internet and ICT expert. With 35+ years of building the Internet in Russia behind his belt, he brings extensive experience in software development, construction of the national backbone from scratch, data and voice communications development, network management system development, business development, national and international community development, and Internet governance.

Presently, Dmitry is Director for Development at Ru-Center, a leading registrar. He also is Chair of the Board of the Moscow-based Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development, the administrator of .Mосква/. Moscow new gTLDs, and an operator of a few dozens second level registries in geo domains in .SU, .RU and .NET, etc. As well, he sits on the Supervisory Board  of the .SU registry administrator.

Since 2010 Dmitry has also been a Trusted Community Representative and served as  a Crypto Officer for the West Coast Facility in the DNS Root key management process.

Previously, for the past 12 years he was a Board Member at RIPE NCC and its ICANN liaison. Concurrently, Dmitry for 5 years was Telecommunications Sector Business Development Executive at IBM Eastern Europe./Aisa. Prior to joining RIPE NCC, he was a  CEO Adviser on new technologies, Deputy CCO/CIO on innovation projects  at Rostelecom, the biggest Russian telco and ISP.

At the onset of the Russian Internet, Dmitry initiated the creation of the Founding Agreement that led to the establishment of the Coordination Center for .RU, the .RU and .РФ administrator, and has been sitting on its Council, first as its first Chair and later as a Council Member, through 2010.

He also initiated the national discussion on Internet governance, which culminated in the establishment of the Russian Internet Governance Forum, the pioneer effort and the biggest annual debate platform of its kind across the post-Soviet space. He has spearheaded the community’s effort to set up what is now known as the Eurasian Network Operators Group conferences (ENOG) which propelled RIPE NCC’s expansion across the region.

Dmitry is a Russian and presently resides with his wife in Moscow, Russia. He has  4 daughters and 6 grandchildren.