Note from ASO Secretariat – Mohamed El Bashir withdrew his nomination to ICANN Board Seat 10 on March 2nd 2016

Mohamed El Bashir
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Internet/Telecom Policy, Governance & Operations Executive

Experienced Internet/Telecom Industry, Policies and Governance expert with proven success records of accomplishments in building and leading teams to achieve exceptional results. Established and managed national critical Internet/Telecom projects. Technical, High project management skills and ability to collaborate with management teams in planning, executing enterprise, dynamic level business strategies and initiatives.

Specialities & Expertise

  • Internet Governance and Internet Policy Development
  • Internet Infrastructure and Technology Management
  • Telecommunication Regulation and Compliance
  • Technology/Technical Solutions Architect
  • Telecom Regulatory Policy Development
  • Internet Public Policies and Government relations
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Rollout
  • Large Scope Service Delivery and Contract Management
  • Numbering and Portability Management
  • Internationalized Domain Names “IDNs”
  • Information Technology Management
  • Team Building, Transformation and Change Management
  • Domain Names System “DNS”
  • Internet Governance and Policy Development
  • Large IT/Telecom Projects Management


Doctorate of Business Administration “DBA” – January 2015 – Expected 2018
Edinburgh Business School , The University Herriot-Watt, UK

Executive Education Program, Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems – March 2015
Massachusetts Institute of Technology “MIT”- Sloan School of Management

Master of Business Administration “MBA” January – 2009 – December 2011
Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, UK

Master of Computer Information Systems (CIS) – August 2004 – March 2006
The American University in London (AUL), UK

Experience & Career

Director, Technical Affairs – August 2008 – Present
Communications Regulatory Authority “CRA”, The State of Qatar

Managing the Technical Affairs Department of the Communications/Telecom Regulator reporting to Authority president and the minister of Information and Communications Technology. Responsible for all the technical/Internet related matters of the Telecommunications/ICT sector and licensed service providers in the State of Qatar.

Managing 5 operational units (Qatar Domains Registry, Numbering Management section, Interconnection, Infrastructure and Access section, Next Generation Technologies section and Quality of Service Section).

Achievements :

  • Establishment of Qatar’s Domains Registry, managing “.QA, IDN قطر . and .Doha” Domains registrations
  • Development of Qatar’s national IPv6 migration strategy and plan and establishment of Qatar’s IPv6 task force
  • The implementation and launch of mobile numbering portability (service launched January 2013)
  • Development of Telecom Technical procedures (e.g mobile telecom sites construction and mobile sites sharing)
  • Development of Technical Standards for passive infrastructure and broadband rollout.
  • Liberalization and opening of Domain Names and Internet valude added services market
  • Launch of new multilingual domain names ( Qatar’s Arabic Top Level Domain “ ( ”.قطر
  • Development and launch of new geographic city domain (.Doha new top level domain )
  • Establishment of national technical coordination forums (Qatar’s National Numbering Committee “NNC” which is managing the numbering Resources in coordination with the licensed service providers in the State of Qatar “Ooredoo and Vodafone Qatar “.
  • Management of critical systems upgrades or changes ( Qatar’s Numbering Change from 7 to 8 digit numbering plan in 2010 ). Development of critical systems and automation of work-flows ( e.g Qatar’s Numbering Management System “NMS” to automate numbering resources allocations )
  • Leading national telecom initiatives and programs ( e.g Qatar’s National Telecom Infrastructure Coordination Committee “NTICC”, a national committee approved by the Qatar’s Council of Ministers to facilitate the rollout of broadband, fiber and 4G/5G mobile networks.

Co-Chair, IANA Coordination Group “ICG” July 2014 – Present
The Internet corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers “ICANN”, USA

The group is representing the global Internet stakeholders community ( e.g ISOC, IETF, IAB, Governments …etc ). Its responsible for developing a final proposal for the transition of the US Government current oversight role on the Internet Address Names Authority “IANA” critical functions to the global Internet multistakeholder community.

Chair, Steering Committee January 2012 – Present
dotAFRICA Project, South Africa

dotAfrica is the proposed new geographical TLD (Top Level Domain) for the African content which will be used to promote African business, people and culture on the Internet. The steering committee consist of Internet and policy experts representing the African Internet Community stakeholders ( e.g Private Sector, Governments, Civil Society, Academia, Technical, ..etc ) .The Project is endorsed by The African Union Commission “AUC”.

Founder and Board member December 2012 – Present
Qatar Internet Society

Qatar’s Internet Society chapter main objective is to promote an open, free and accessible internet for all. The chapter conducts Internet awareness events and participates in the national internet public policy development.

Founder and President December 2001 – July 2008
Sudan Internet Society “SIS” – .SD Registry

Sudan Internet Society “SIS”- .SD Registry, a registered NGO established in 2001 to provide awareness and be forefront for the use of Internet in Sudan’s Socio-economic Development. SIS is managing Sudan’s Top Level Domain Registry “.SD”.


  • Contributed to the Development of Internet Services in Sudan by the establishment of SIS and the Management of the Country Code Domain Name “.SD” .
  • Development of local contents initiatives to enhance the local web presence (e.g Internet Awards )
  • Developed .SD registry System handling domain name registration process
  • Planned and Implemented ICT awareness community Projects ( e.g IPv6 Trainings ).
  • Initiated, lead and participated in drafting national Internet regulations/ Laws ( e.g Ecommerce Transactions Law, ECrimes Law )

Vice President, Communications and Outreach July 2006 – July 2009
Africa Top Level Domains Organization “AfTLD”, Mauritius

Elected by African Country Code Domains Registries for the position of vice President of AfTLD responsible for the organization’s communications and outreach programs which included the organization’s yearly African ccTLD awareness event in coordination with the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers “ICANN”, Internet Society “ISOC” and other international and regional organizations . Organized the first event in Egypt “2007” and second event in South Africa “2008”.

IT Department Manager February 2003 – July 2008
The Open University of Sudan “OUS”, Sudan

Managed the University’s IT Department and IT Support team to deliver IT/eLearning projects that enhance the operations of the country’s biggest University with more than 120,000 students which is adopting Open/elearning approach. Lead a team of developers and was responsible for the Coordination between the university and external organizations for IT/eLearning projects ( e.g the coordination with the Open University “UK” Teachers Education using ICT Project “TESSA : ).

Achievements :

  • Designed and implemented the university/remote centers WAN network
  • Initiated, designed and implemented of the Sudanese Universities Network “SUN” project, a national project implemented in 2005 by Ministry of Higher Educational connecting the Sudanese universities for sharing educational resources and research.
  • Developed the national eLibrary Project, a joint Project between Sudan Telecom Co. and the Open University of Sudan that enabled national dialup access to millions of academic resources/databases
  • Implemented an eLearing video conference system to stream lectures from the university HQ to 5 remote centers.
  • Lead the development of the university’s students’ academic system

Regional Area Manager May 2003 – August 2004
FahdTel International AB, Sweden

Middle East North Africa “MENA” Region Projects Lead, managing custom IT/Telecom Solutions development .

Web Developer, Internet Section November 2000 – January 2003
Sudan Telecom Co.”SUDATEL”, Sudan

Responsible for the development of Sudatel telecom online services. Designed, developed and managed Internet, Intranet services and applications including a Customers Relationship Management System “CRM” and web-based File Management System.

Head of Internet Publishing Section September 1997 – November 2000
CyberGates Co., Sudan

Established the first web publishing and design business in Sudan, as Head of the Web publishing section. Developed the first Sudanese online portals ( e.g which archived in the Internet Archive project : )

Certification & Training

  • Master IT Certificate (6 Courses ) – New Jersey Information Technology Institute “NJIT” – USA
  • Business Communications Course – Georgetown University – USA
  • Certified Internet Web Master CIW “CIW Associate” CIW#213837
  • Certified Internet Web Master CIW e-Commerce Designer
  • Comptia I-Net – Equivalent to CIW Foundations.
  • DNS & Internet Domain Names – ICANN Shanghai Meeting, China Oct. 2001
  • Aptec Computer Training – “ Object Oriented Programming”
  • DNS Root Server Training – ICANN Meetings Carthage, Tunis Oct. 2003.
  • DRS Data & Research Services – UK “Optical Mark Reading technology” April 2004
  • ICANN, ISOC & NSRC “DNS Advanced Training for Arab ccTLD Managers, Jordan Nov. 2007”
  • National Telecommunications Center – Egypt “ Networking Design & Implementations”

Memberships and Activities

Vice Chair, Arab Internet Governance Multi-Stakeholder Group “AMAG”
2010 – 2015 – Web :
“AMAG” is a group of Arab and Middle East Internet Governance experts, appointed by the Arab League and UN
Economic Commission for Western Asia (ECWA). The Group advices on the programme and schedule of the Arab Internet
Governance Forum meetings. The AMAG Members represents governments, private sector, civil society, academia and
technical community.

Nominating Committee “NOMCOM” – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers “ICANN”
October 2011 – 2015 – web :
“The Nominating Committee selects Candidates to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers “ICANN”
leadership positions; it’s designed to function independently from the ICANN Board, Supporting Organizations, and
Advisory Committees. Nominating Committee members act only on behalf of the interests of the global Internet

Nominating Committee members contribute understanding of the broad interests of the Internet community as a whole,
and knowledge and experience of specific Internet constituencies who have appointed them.

Council Member – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers “ICANN” Country Code Supporting
Organization “ccNSO” – elected for 2 terms (2005 – 2011)
Web :

Member, ICANN Board At-Large Advisory Committee
Web :

Internationalized Domain Names Guidelines Drafting Committee “IDN” .
Web :

ICANN President’s Advisory Committee on Internationalized Domain Names “IDNPAC”
Web :

ICANN Country Code Naming Supporting Organization “ccNSO” IDN Working Group
Web :

Web and Media Group – TESSA Project “UK DFID, Open University Project” : Web:

Member of the Sudanese National Committee for World Summit for Information Society “WSIS”, Geneva and Tunis

Member of Sudan National Committee for implementation of Sudan ICT National Strategy.

Founder and member of the Arab Country Code Top Level Domains “ccTLD” intuitive “AraTLD”

Member of Steering and Technical Committee, Arabic Domains Project

Founder and Board Member, Arab Internet Societies Union
Web :

Member, Arab Knowledge and Management Society “AKMS” Multilingual Internet Committee
Web :

Member, Organizing Committee of H.H Shiekh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Arab Informatics Prize.
Web :

Member, Steering Committee, Digital Education Enhancement Project “DEEP”
Web :

Conferences & Meetings

  • ICANN Meetings ( started in Shanghai 2002 “China”, Tunis 2003 , Cape Town “South Africa” 2004, Luxembourg 2005, Marrakesh “Morocco” 2006, Lisbon “Portugal” 2007, Los Angeles “USA” 2007, Paris “France” 2008, Cairo “Egypt” 2008, New Delhi 2010 “India”, Sydney “Australia” 2009, Brussels “Belgium” 2010, Cartagena “Columbia” 2010, San Francisco 2011 “USA”, Singapore March 2011, Dakar “Senegal” December 2011, San Jose March 2012 “Costa Rica”, Prague “Czech” June 2012, Beijing “China” March 2013, Durban “South Africa” July 2013, Buenos Aires “Argentina” November 2013, London “UK” June 2014, Los Angeles “October 2014”, Singapore “February 2015”, Buenos Aires “June 2015”, Dublin “October 2015” )
  • United Nations Internet Governance Forum “IGF” – Greece 2006, Egypt 2008, Lithuania 2010, Kenya 2011, Azerbaijan 2012, Turkey 2014, Joao Pessoa “Brazil” 2015.
  • Indigenous People and ICT, the Proprietary meeting for World Summit on Information Society “WSIS2005-Tunis”, United Nations , April 2004 Ottawa, Canada.
  • Arab Domain Names Group meeting , Tunis 2003
  • World Summit For Information Society “WSIS” Proprietary Meetings, United Nations – Geneva, Switzerland September 2005
  • World Summit for Information Society “WSIS”, United Nation – Tunis 13th – 18th Nov 2005
  • Teachers Education For Sub-Sahara Africa “TESSA” Project, Organized by Open University, UK, Lake Naivasha, Kenya from 21th- 25th Nov 2005
  • Open Educational Resources “OER”, eLearning Africa Conference May 2006
  • ISOC INET Africa Conference May 18th 2006 Nairobi, Kenya
  • African Top Level Domain Organization “AfTLD” General Assembly meetings ( Morocco 2006, Egypt 2007, South Africa 2008 )
  • African Internet Governance Forum “Road to Athens”, Cairo September 2006 hosted by Egypt National Telecom Regulatory Agency “NTRA”
  • ICANN/ISOC Arab ccTLD Training, Dubai 20-22th Nov.2006
  • Arab Internet Societies Meeting, Dubai 19-22th Nov 2006
  • First African ccTLD Workshop “Building Local Internet Community”, AfTLD in cooperation with Egypt’s Telecom Regularity, Cairo, May 2007
  • African Top Level Domains “AfTLD” general assembly meetings – Egypt 2007, South Africa 2008


  • Award of Best Web Site “Sudan”, Regional network of Africa (RINAF) – 2001
  • National best e-Content Site “Sudan” , World Summit Awards Geneva 2003