Kuo Wei Wu

Community APNIC


Mr. Kuo-Wei Wu has technical, management and policy experience in Internet.

He is one of the pioneers of HPC (High Performance Computing) Asia, TANET, TWNIC, APTLD, and CDNC. In term of board membership, he was a board member of TWNIC (2000 — 2011), APIA (2008—2011), and PIR (2008~2010). And he was an executive council member of TWIA (2008—2013), COSA (1995—2013) and APNIC (1999—2010). He has experience in supervision, financial, governance, and engagement with global community.

In regard to Internet-related management, Mr. Wu was the deputy director of NCHC (1990—1998), where he was responsible for TANET backbone operation to serve all the universities, research institutions and schools in Taiwan. He is the co-founder of Asia Pacific Supercomputer Center Consortium (HPC Asia) to lead the experience sharing over all the Asia Pacific Supercomputer Centers from 1995.

He started Internet-related works since he worked for Cray Research, Inc. (1984—1990), and a vice-president of Yam Digital, Inc. (a major internet portal company in Taiwan). When he was a vice-president of Acer, he led the Internet service business for Acer (2000—2004). He actively involves in APNIC since 1995, and was the executive council member for 12+ years (1999~2010), and the ICANN activities (GAC, ALS, ccNSO, ASO) since 1999 until now. He also actively participated UN/WSIS (2004—2005), and UN/IGF (2006—20012).

He is the CEO of NIIEPA (Taipei, 2004—now) – a non-profit organization working on the research and consultant services in Internet policy and Information security for government, research institutions, universities, and industry.

Mr. Wu holds a BSc degree in Mathematics from Tunghai University (Taichung, 1975), MSc degree in Mathematical Science from University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, 1980), and MSc degree in Computer Science from Columbia University (NYC, 1982).

Mr. Wu was selected by the ASO for three-year term as ICANN board member seat 10 from 2010 and looking for seat 10 by ASO.

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