Hassan Zaheer

Community APNIC


I have been involved with Internet resource management since 1999 while working for an ISP acting as a key contact for APNIC. My key function areas are setting up large scale Broadband IP network infrastructure including network services. Currently I’m responsible for the nationwide IP resource planning and policy making, and I’m also Corporate account for Worldcall Telecom Ltd. at APNIC. Considering the past two decades I have been part of Internet evolution process and have an extensive knowledge and implementation of Internet technologies ranging from Dial-up to high speed Broadband Cable modem services, Fiber Optic, wireless and 3G services and how to effectively assign resources to these technologies for smooth expansion.

I have always been actively involved with Internet community through various international forums like ISOC, IETF, SANOG, APRICOT and APNIC meetings. I have received Fellowships multiple times for IETF meetings, APRICOT and SANOG. I’m always in close coordination with local regulating authorities to implement best practices in the region and create awareness about using Internet resources effectively. One such challenge we are facing here is the adoption of IPv6 and making all the infrastructure compatible for transition towards IPv6, for which I’m actively working on by creating awareness within the community and finding ways for active and smooth transition.

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