Thomas Eric Brunner-Williams

Community ARIN

Short biography

I started coding in high school and went on to take a degree in mathematics from Berkeley. Initially I worked on synthetic aperture radar and terrain adaptive navigation modeling problems. Later I discovered Unix by accident and ended up writing much of what is now the Single Unix Specification. Most of my experience has been Unix host architecture and development, with some experience in the control and forwarding planes of routers and some in interconnect fabrics of SMP/MIMD host architectures.

I became involved in the DDN in 1986. I knew the NIC and NOC staffs and their operational practices and policy issues before and during the transitions to the current regime. As a lark, I joined Peter DeVries building out the 1988 InterOp shownet: For the next several years I’d the pleasure of being one of the half-dozen who planned and lead the network set-ups and tear- downs.

I’ve been a principal in the Unix standards projects and I’ve experienced the economic and technical consequences of bubble build-outs and monopoly capture. I’ve been a principal in the attempt to transform the names-side of the NIC and NOC operations from sole-source green- stamp contracts to open competitive regimes.

The IETF’s attempt to create an institutional entity to continue the IANA function had my complete support. When the NTIA selected Mike Roberts and Ester Dyson’s organization as the IANA contractor I took and maintain an active role in its working groups.

I wrote the technical applications for .biz and .us and contributed to the .aero, .coop and .museum registries and to EPP. I participated in SWITCH’s bid for .org and in PuntCat’s application for .cat. I provided coordination to CORE and contribute to ICANN’s policy development supporting non-profit and linguistic and cultural applications.

I’m married, have four children, and participate in Native cultural activities.

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