Country of residence USA
Email address lyman [at] acm [dot] org
Organization affiliation Interisle Consulting Group
Nominated by Steven George Huter
Motivation for serving I have served since October 2001 as an ASO-appointed ICANN board member. I believe that my contributions to the ICANN reform process, and to the negotiation of a new ASO MoU with the four regional Internet registries, have substantially improved ICANN, and advanced the interests of the Internet addressing community. I am highly motivated to provide the continuity of leadership that will help to secure the benefits of ICANN reform.
Expressions of support for Lyman Chapin
Received from Michael D. Palage My name is Michael Palage and I currently serve with Lyman on the ICANN Board. I just wanted to offer my support for Lyman as both he and Mouhamet have been very helpful in helping me understand the unique concerns of the RIR community.

Received from Scott Bradner I have observed Lyman’s term on the ICANN BoT and think that he has done an outstanding job. Particularly, in his facilitating working out the relationship between ICANN and the RIR community.

In addition, I have known Lyman for more than a decade and have worked with him on and off for most of this time. I have great respect for him and his ability to work complex issues through to resolution when dealing with multiple organizations.

Received from Cathy Wittbrodt Lyman has been actively involved ICANN reform process. I feel that it is impor tant to re-elect Lyman in order to provide continuity.

With the recent formation of the NRO I feel that it is essential that we have members of the ICANN board who know how the Internet protocols work. As part of the process it could very well be the case that some IP address policies are ratified by the ICANN board. It is essential that we have expertise on the boar d to be able to effectively evaluate these policies.

Lyman is a true pioneer in the evolution of the Internet. He knows how the pro tocols work and will provide protocol engineering insights as well as Internet engineering process and politics information to the board.

Received from Bill Darte I wish to express my support for Lyman Chapin. My exposure to Lyman suggests a willingness to hear and understand the concerns and opinions of others involved in Address Policy. I believe the experience he has gained should be leveraged into a full term on the ICANN Board.

Received from Elise Gerich Lyman Chapin has exhibited the ability to serve effectively on the ICANN Board as demonstrated by his contributions to the ICANN reform process. I have known Lyman for over 10 years and respect his ability to facilitate solutions to difficult issues. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Internet and its protocols to the ICANN board.