Country of residence Pakistan
Email address nomee1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Organization affiliation ( A project of Cyber link Pvt Ltd)
Nominated by Self-nomination
Biography Wokring in CyberLink Pvt. Ltd. ( as Manager BroadBand Services from June 2000 till Date. My prime duties and responsibilities in the company are, Network Designing of Internet Services on Narrow Band, Call Center, Prepaid Calling Card Services, Pay Phone Services, Tier-1 Backbone system and DSL Technology.Cisco Routers & Switches:
· Installed and configured Cisco 1600, 3600 Modular and 4500 series
· Configured point-to-point frame relay and PPP links for leased bandwidth customers
· Implemented, configured and maintained standard & extended access list on the router for security.
· Configured routing protocols (EIGRP, OSPF, RIP & BGP).
· Implemented & Configured Network Address Translation on a Cisco 1600.
· Configured TFTP server to upgrade IOS in router and Backup.
· Administration of IP addresses. Configured sub-netting for class-C IP address.
· Configured VLANs on different series of Cisco Routers.
· Configured the Router as FRAD (Frame Relay Assess Device) and DTE (for Radio Modem).

· Installed & configured Newbridge Mainstreet 3600 series multiplexer in single shelf redundant.
· Configured Frame Relay Switch and Frame Relay Engine cards for Frame Relay services, Configured Dual E1 cards with LIM & HDSL module, Configured DCC module with V.35 and RS-232 interface, LGE and LGS cards for voice communication and DSP card for voice compression.

Access Servers:
· Installed and configured Cisco As 5300 Access Server for ISP Network. Configured Access Control List for Security. Configured IP filters. Upgrading new version of software through TFTP.
· Installed and configured Ariel RS 2000 Access Server for ISP Network.
· Installed and configured Digi Card Based Access Server for ISP Network.
· Installed and Configured Multi Port I/O Card for ISP network on NT base and Unix base Machines. Configured PPP Server for Both OS.
· Configured and Maintained it’s own Radius for User Authentication and Data Base.

CISCO Remote Networking Products
· Installed and configured AS (5200 and 5300) series products.
· Configured IP Routing.
· Configured for dial-up services Configured VPN and multilink PPP service.
· Installed and configured Cisco Access Server (AS5100, 5200 and 5300) for ISP Network. Configured IP filters. Upgrading new version of software through TFTP.
· Provide the different kind of Corporate Solutions like intranet, e-mail, ftp and ppp server for Local LAN users on Microsoft Family.
– Environment
Intel, Sun Solaris, MySQL, CGI, LAN, WAN, UTP Cabling, Fiber Optic cabling,.

Motivation for serving To start a practical career with a positive managerial potential to be utilized in best interest of the concerned and to utilize my skills and advance computer knowledge. Well-organized and reliable with extensive experience of running bigger networks whilst adapting to the benefits of new technologies. Able to remain calm under pressure and retain a sense of humour and proportion. To work with sense of responsibility, loyalty, honesty, dynamic versatility and leadership coupled with excellent communicative skill to maximize the profit along with goodwill as a permanent asset. With these abilities I have server more than 10 companies during my permanent and contract jobs in my 7 years experience.
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