Country of residence Italy
Email address franz [at] ravanelli [dot] com
Organization affiliation
Nominated by Self-nomination
Biography & motivation
for serving
I work everyday on the Net to help net-citizens to get a user-friendly
domains service registration. I keep in touch with the soul of the Net and
I discover users’ opinions and how the demands change day after day.
Operating on global (for ex.: European ISP) and local (for ex.: cityweb
contributor) base, I see different uses of the Net.
All these and other activities allow me to know many people in different
places and with different skills. Technical knowledge is a must, but not
enough to improve the domain name system and making it works for its users
(people and not just DNS).
Statements of support for Francesco Ravanelli
Lucia Salvi
luciasalvi [at] inwind [dot] it
Public employer
Support Reason:Because he helped me to learn the basic of the net.
Lisa Arrigoni
lisarrigoni [at] supereva [dot] it
Support Reason:I experienced his good skills in net-related topics.
superplus_82 [at] tin [dot] it
ITS Seriate
Support Reason:For his competence
Gerlie Lingat
lingat [dot] gerlie [at] tiscali [dot] it
Self employed
Support Reason:hes a professional person and am sure hes worth it.
mariediop [at] hotmail [dot] com
Support Reason:His experience working on internet and his personality make Francesco the right person to understand and then defend Internet users needs and expectatives.
maruskarrigoni [at] supereva [dot] it
Support Reason:I vote him because he helped me during my first steps on the Net.
Daniele Bernabei
danielewb [at] iol [dot] it
Il Giorno – Il Nuovo Giornale di Bergamo
giornalista collaboratore
Support Reason:di indubbio ed elevato valore morale, potrà mettere a disposizione le sue capacità umane e tecniche per portare un contributo in questa “giungla” di notizie ed informazioni
micky812 [at] jumpy [dot] it
ISP specialist
Support Reason:1) he is very prepared and he’s an hardworker
2) he is a cool and cute guy!!!!
Roberto Lamera
roby [dot] lamera [at] tin [dot] it
High school
Support Reason:1) he is really well informed and he keeps his-self updated about domains, DNS, …
2) he has already showed his skills on European mass-media, with interview, collaborations, …
Peter Duranti
mbhpdx [at] hotmail [dot] com
Bristol Myers, Squibb
Support Reason:1) to contribute to ASO-related aspects of ICANN and the Internet in general;
2) to serve effectively on the ICANN Board.
3) serve as an excellent communicator
4) Loyal and responsible
5) Honest and trustworthy
Silvia Recchia
silvia [dot] recchia [at] tin [dot] it
Web designer
Support Reason:I do appreciate his professional, continuos and free :-)
contribute to educational projects.
Ruben Pandolfi
pandolfi [dot] r [at] inwind [dot] it

Support Reason: Because he is:– efficient;
– reliable;
– interested in the developing of the Internet community
Federica Previtali
fedprevi [at] tin [dot] it

Support Reason:1) we grew and worked together, so I know he has got the right skills.
2) for his reliability and professional approach.
Bruna Morlacchi
semperadamas [at] hotmail [dot] com
I do know him very well and I can guarantee he will spend all his energy in this duty.
Valerio Santinelli
tanis [at] mediacom [dot] it
Digisoft Multimedia
Web engineer
I know Francesco very well. He’s an intelligent and hard-working guy.
I’ve had the chance to work with him and I know he’s going to do a real good job if he should ever join ICANN.
He’s been in the domain business for years and he’s been in charge of the customer care of the biggest domain maintainer in Italy, so he knows what people want and what should be changes in order to satisfy domain owners requests.