A. Nominee details

1. Full name: Robert Bismuth

2. Organizational Affiliation: VisionCompass, Inc.

3. Email Address: bismuth [at] visioncompass [dot] com

4. Physical Address: 1301 5th Ave, Suite 1400,
Seattle WA 98101, US

5. Country of Residence: United States

6. Telephone Contact: +1 206 285 3332

7. Biography:

Motivation for Involvement with ICANN:

I have been associated with networks for most of my professional career, starting in the 70’s with various X-series protocol initiatives in Europe. In the early 1990’s as a Vice President of Digital Equipment Corporation, I served on the staff of its Advanced Technology Group and was involved in many of the early market initiatives and research activities surrounding the emergence of wide spread Internet access. During that time, I was responsible for a variety of internal and external roles, many geared around increasing the ease of use, evolving the emerging “net” business environment and improving the accessibility of the Internet throughout the world.

More recently, I became involved as a Steering Committee member of the Digital Dividend conference held this past October in Seattle. This event focused on bringing the advantages of technology and specifically Internet solutions to wider audiences and markets throughout the world, particularly in emerging markets and nations. This is a cause I passionately believe in furthering as we progress technology, policy and applications forward to be within reach of more and more people throughout the world.

I have watched ICANN evolve from its initial formation to provide an organization that, in the spirit of the Internet, encourages wide participation while also providing a needed structure and platform upon which the reach, applicability and social norms of the Internet can be sustained and evolved for the benefit of all humankind. I applaud the efforts of ICANN to date and, if my nomination succeeds, I look forward to assisting in existing ICANN initiatives, while putting at ICANN’s disposal whatever ideas and experience I have that may be thought appropriate by the organization as a whole.

One final point of motivation: I believe that no matter what level of business or technical management one operates at, it is very important to understand the nature of the application/infrastructure technologies, together with the business processes/infrastructure involved in a phenomenon such as the Internet. To that end, over the past years, I have not just managed companies engaged in Internet-enabled solutions, but have taken the time to personally design and create several production websites, ranging from simple informational sites to full fledged e-commerce sites. In doing this, I have gained a valuable sense of practicality which both tempers and furthers my enthusiastic vision for future Internet appliances and applications.

Thus, I bring not just my management experience and background to ICANN, but also my experience as an individual contributor and implementer of a variety of web-based solutions.

Professional Background:

I have over 25 years of management and leadership in high technology with specific experience in software, standards and network technologies from both business and technological contexts.

My current and immediate past position have both been at the corporate CEO level, building and running enterprise software companies intent on delivering product and services via the Internet:

My current company, VisionCompass, Inc., provides a web-enabled software solution for enterprise performance management that is fully integrated with extensive collaboration facilities. Making that application web-centric was crucial in light of the emerging ASP environment.

In my immediate prior position, I created at ConneXt, Inc. a customer management and billing solution sold on a per transaction service and delivered across the Internet.

Both of these positions have involved fundamentally understanding the trends and directions in the Internet market, infrastructure and the various application communities engaged in using the Internet on a daily basis.

My previous 15 years were spent at Digital Equipment Corporation, starting as a software engineer and eventually becoming a corporate Vice President. My last position at Digital involved architecting and overseeing the business resulting from the corporation’s major global alliances with Computer Associates, Lotus, MCI, Microsoft, Netscape and Oracle. This included tasks such as balancing Oracle’s Network Computer initiative against Microsoft’s Windows CE initiative.

Previously, I headed up all of Digital’s worldwide standards and consortia activity, providing coordinated efforts at national and international committee levels. My organization supported and funded the activities of approximately 300 professionals working both nationally and internationally in the various committees of ISO JTC1, ITU, EPRI, ECMA, ITI, ANSI, AFNOR, DIN, BSI, IEEE, etc. and also in a variety of consortia, such as the X/Open, the Open Software Foundation, the Object Management Group, the National Information Infrastructure Testbed Consortium, etc.

In connection with this work, I served as Digital’s senior representative to the 1995 G7 meeting in Brussels that was focused on “Global Information Society”. This meeting was one of the early examples of an event designed to give attendees a good perspective on the relative rates of network infrastructure and application penetration throughout the world. It also provided an excellent tutorial in the extremely diverse ways different cultures viewed the utility of the Internet and the great variety of applications that were being conceived and, in many cases, created by a wide spectrum of groups – from grass roots efforts to large scale government initiatives.

Prior to Digital, I ran a software company in the United Kingdom producing software products designed to increase the performance of transaction processing systems operating in a network environment.

Publications and Patents:

I have numerous publications and patents to my credit, the details of which can be gained by a simple search for my name using most of the major search engines, for example Altavista.com or Dogpile.com .

Board Level Experience:

Corporate Boards:

VisionCompass, Inc. (current)
NetExec, Inc. (current)
American Medical Networks, Inc. (current)
ConneXt, Inc. (past)

Consortia and Standards Organizations:

National Information Infrastructure Testbed (past)
X/Open (past)
Object Management Group (past)
ITI (past)


Mary M. Gates Guild of Children’s Hospital (current)


I completed Graduate and Postgraduate degrees at the University of Wales (UK), and at McMaster University (Canada), with doctoral research at the University of Nantes (France).


English and French.
B. Details of nominating individual

1. Full name: Catherine W. Turner

2. Organizational affiliation: NetExec, Inc.

3. Email Address: turner [at] netexec [dot] com

4. Country of Residence: United States