I accept my nomination to the ICANN Board of Directors.

   Biographical Information

   Full name : Raimundo Beca Infante

   Organisational affiliation:Telefónica CTC Chile
                                           AHCIET (Iberoamerican Association of
   Telecommunications Research Centers and Operators)

   Email address:rbeca [at] ctc [dot] cl

   Physical address: Av. Providencia 111, piso 27 Santiago, CHILE 

   Country of residence: Chile

   Telephone contact: (562) 691-3014


   Date of birth: May 8th, 1940

   Nationality: Chilean


        D.E.S. in Economics at the University of Paris. 

        Civil Engineer at the Catholic University of Chile. 

        Diploma in Economic Statistics at the CIENES, Santiago, Chile.

   Professional Activities:

   Actual positions:

        Member of the ASO Address Council, appointed by ARIN.
        Member of the Editorial Group of the Ad-Hoc Group on Numbering
        and Addressing of ICANN, appointed by the ICANN Board in
        representation of ASO.
        Member of the Interim Board of LACNIC.
        Member of the Steering Committee of NIC Chile.

        Vice-president of Planning and Regulation at "Telefónica CTC Chile"
        (since 1992).
        General Director of Strategic Innovation at "Telefónica

        Member of the Board of :

             "Telefónica Móvil Chile", the leading mobile carrier in Chile.
             "Mundo Telefónica Chile", leading long distance carrier in Chile.

        Chairman of the "Internet Permanent Commission" of AHCIET.

        Member of the Board of the Chilean Association of Public Utilities
        Enterprises (ASEP).

   Previous positions:

   1990-1991 : ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the
   Caribbean, United Nations).

             Regional expert in Information Technologies.
             Director of the proposal: "Information and Telecommunications:
             Vector of the Productive Transformation with Equity (an ECLAC
             Green Paper)".
             Consultant of various governments of the LAC region in IT

   1976-1989 : Ministry of Industry of France.

             "Chargé de Mision" in charge of the Information Industry issues.
             Involved in the development of Minitel, Hypertext, Smart Card
             and CD-ROM, among others.
             Member of the French delegation before the European
             Commission, the OECD and the GATT.
             "Raporteur" of various Public Reports, among them: the
             Nora-Minc report on the Impact on Society of Information
             Technologies and the Madec report on Transfrontier Data Flows.
             "Raporteur" of Bills on Data Privacy, Intellectual Property and
             Data Processing Fraud.
             Member of the Ethical Committee for Minitel.

   1974-1975 : Chief Engineer at SERTI, an information technology firm in

   1970-1973 : CEO of ECOM (Chilean National Company of Data

   1966-1970 : Researcher, Professor and Director of the Mathematical
   Economic Studies Center of the University of Chile (CEDEM).

   Other activities related to the development of Information Technologies
   and the Internet:

        Various presentations of different topics related to the telecom
        industry, among others:
             The IP World.
             The Internet development in the LAC region.
             Deregulation and Privatization of the Telecom Industry Latin
             Regulatory issues of the Telecom Industry.
             Strategic Planning and General Management.
             2010 Scenario.
             Mobile Telephony.
             The Drivers of the New Economy.
             Viewpoint of the Internet in Latin America.
             Professor at different Chilean Universities and Institutes of
             Courses and Diplomas on Management, Information Technology
             Strategies, Statistics, Econometric Analysis and Project
             Evaluation, among others.
             Member of the expert panel in Information Technologies
             TIDE2000, supported by the Japanese Government, which
             developed different forums about the deregulation of the
             Telecom Industry and International Service Trade. 


   For many years, I have been an active member of the Internet
   Community. In particular, for the last two years, I have served as a
   member of the ASO Address Council. Therefore, I beleive I have both,
   the skill and the background, to continue serving the Internet Community
   and, particularly, the Address Community.