I am delighted to confirm my willingness to serve as an ICANN board member.

I have provided some biographical information and my motivation for serving
as a nominee.

I have worked for The Dow Chemical Company since 1973. The Dow Chemical
company is the number 2 chemical company in the world and a Fortune 500
company. Dow was an early adopter in using the Internet for Research and
Development efforts around the world. I have played a major role in working
with our R&D clients to serve their very demanding requirements. Dow has
long standing relationships with the leading companies who played major
roles in the past and present to drive the development of networks and the Internet. Some examples of these firms are
Cisco, Microsoft, Digital, IBM, Sun, HP, ANS, uunet, MCI, MCI-WorldCom,
NCSA, etc.

Dow has a strong commitment to E-Commerce and we are moving rapidly to stay
in the lead in applying this technology in our industry for a competitive

I would like to serve on the ICANN board as a representative of the ARIN
region and all the RIR's in general. I have a strong desire to participate
in setting the direction for ICANN as an International coordinating body and
to facilitate the growth and
prosperity of the Internet for Educational, Research, and Commercial
purposes. The perspective and experience I bring to the ICANN board is that
I have a wealth of experience working for a major commercial entity with a
global presence in the world and that is combined with a wealth of sound
insights on how the Internet registries provide service to the Internet
community. I see the value and benefits of address registries maintaining
a neutral and objective position to better serve its members and the
Internet community at large using consensus building approaches to policy
making from the members.

I am currently on the Board of Trustee's for ARIN (American Registry for
Internet Numbers). I am currently in the 3rd year of a 3 year term on the
board. I am also the Treasury Officer for ARIN. In this role I work
closely with the ARIN board, the ARIN Business manager, and the ARIN
President to make decisions and contributions regarding the annual budget
for ARIN and other fiduciary responsibilities.

If I were to be so fortunate to be nominated and elected to the ICANN Board
by the ASO, I would willingly relinquish my role and stand down as a Board
of Trustee and Treasury
Officer for ARIN, to prevent any possible conflict of interest in my duties
and actions.

In my numerous roles at Dow I have been responsible for making many
decisions regarding budget forecasts, staffing decisions, setting strategic
directions for new technologies and services in our IT Investment Plans for
the company. I have lead many project and program initiatives valued from
as little as a few hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars in
capital and expense. I have lead many Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture
activities regarding IT technologies and especially those efforts related to
Network Integration of the impacted companies. I have a leading role in all
of the Internet related decisions involving Domain names, IP networks,
Internet access, Firewall services, Internet routing, Internet applications
(SMTP, NNTP, HHTP, FTP, TELNET), VPN, Internet access, and Enterprise
access. I provide leadership and direction for our ROC (Resolution and
Operation Center) to support our Global Enterprise Network.

In 2001 I am playing a major role in leading 3 major initiatives for Dow.
The first is the DowNet project. This is a major Alliance between Dow,
EDS, and Cisco. We will be Piloting DowNET Voice/Data Integration and
Unified messaging. Secondly I will be leading project efforts to Merge two
great companies, Dow and UCC to create the "New Dow". I will be deeply
involved in leading the network Integration and IT infrastructure changes.
And thirdly, I am leading many activities in Dow's business expansion in
China. This is the ZJG China project to expand operations which is a major
investment in a multi-million dollar chemical plant and all the needed IT

In the year 2000, I was the Implementation leader for numerous Mergers and
Acquisitions: Mycogen, DowAgroscience, Essex, Flexible Products, Sentrichem,
Chemical, Total Response, E-business initiatives,Maytag/Dow Extranet.
I was a member of ICANN budget task force to establish 1999-2000 budget.
I was the ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) Treasury Officer and
Board member

In 1999, I lead many efforts to prepare for the Year 2000 and DWS99 effort.
As the Technical Leader for a major Networking infrastructure project we
globally standardized our enterprise router base to the Cisco Architecture.
As the Technical Leader of a new network design, I lead the team to create
an OSPF Design for the Dow Global Network and lead the pilot implementation
and testing, This effort involved over 350 routers and 50 Countries, a very
diverse Dow Team with experts, Cisco and Digital consultants
Early in 1999, I was Elected to Board of Trustees for ARIN, (American
Registry for Internet Numbers) and much later in the year I was Elected as
Treasury Officer of ARIN.

>From 1999 to Present my major role is in the Global IS Alliance Office as a
Network Implementation Specialist leading Merger and Acquisition activities.

>From 1996 to 1999 my major role was in the Global IS Network Support Center
and Resolution Center as a Telecom Specialist leading support and
operational teams to manage Dow's global enterprise.

>From 1994 to 1996 my major role was in the Global IS Network Support Center
as a Sr. Telecom Analyst leading many telecommunication design projects.

I am currently in the 1st year of an Executive MBA program at Northwood
University in Midland MI

I have a B.S. degree in Computer Science (cum laude) from West Coast
University in Los Angeles CA

Best Regards,

Michael Straty

The Dow Chemical Company

Alliance Global Telecom Implementation

Midland Michigan

* mhstraty [at] dow [dot] com *tel 517-636-6040 * fax 517-638-9281 *pager

The opinions expressed are those of the writer and not The Dow Chemical

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