Biographical Information:

Kim Hubbard
kimhub [at] mail [dot] com

I served as the President of the American Registry for Internet Numbers
(ARIN) from its inception in 1997 through August 2000. Prior to working at
ARIN I was employed for 9 years at NSI as the IP Registration Manager. I am
currently a consultant.

As the President of ARIN, my duties included participation on the ARIN Board
of Trustees, annual budget development, contract negotiations and extensive
interaction with the ARIN membership on IP policy. I worked closely with
members of the Internet community in the continuing effort to make ARIN an
open and transparent non-profit organization.

I also worked closely with the other Regional Internet registries and the
IANA. Together we developed and documented IP allocation policies in
RFC2050. In an effort to support ICANN, we established and became MOU
signatories of the Address Supporting Organization.

My reasons for wanting to serve on the ICANN board are twofold. Clearly, IP
is not the main focus of ICANN today, however, no one knows what issues may
arise in the future to change that. Therefore, it is imperative that the
ASO nominated board members have an in depth background and good
understanding of IP, RIR processes and the needs of the IP-user community.
Based on my experience with the management of ARIN, IP allocation and the
start up of ICANN, I believe I have the background necessary to allow me to
competently represent the RIR members and the Internet community on the
ICANN board.

Secondly, with only three of eighteen ICANN board members representing the
IP community specifically, I feel it is also important that those members
actively share their knowledge and opinions with the rest of the board to
ensure that IP policy decisions are made responsibly. I have never shied
away from expressing my opinions :-) nor for standing up for those that I

For the above reasons, I respectfully confirm my willingness to serve on
the ICANN Board of Directors.


Kim Hubbard