A. Nominee details

      1. Full name : K.S.Raju
      2. Organisational affiliation : Human commerce Net. Pvt. Ltd.
      3. Email address : ksraju [at] humancommerce [dot] com
      4. Physical address : #23, First floor, Nagarjuna hills, Punjagutta ,Hyderabad , A.P.
      5. Country of residence : India
      6. Telephone contact : 91-40-3353320,3353321.
                    Mobile : 91-98490-10324

      7. Biography

         Personal Details:
         Name          : K.S.Raju
         Date of Birth : 21-08-1967.
         Qualification  : B.E. Computer Sciences .

Qualifications / Experience :

1) Served in various companies at board level and as promoter.


        a)  Human commerce Net. Pvt. Ltd.
        b)  Brain Placement India Pvt. Ltd.
        c)  Internet Communications India Ltd.
        d)  Internet Interface.

 Board Member:
        1) Sujana group of companies
        2) KMS Power Ltd.
        3) Samrat Spinning mills Ltd
        4) SAARC Net Ltd.

2) Over 13 years experience in I.T mainly on Internet Technologies.
3) Published several concept papers on Internet industry , Internet polices etc,
4) Took initative to establish APISOC. ( Andhra Pradesh Internert society )
6) I was involved in ICANN large member ship South central Asia Task force member.
7) Implemented so many sucessfull projects in the  areas of Net working technolgies , E-governance etc.


1) Acting as National partner for Think quest Educational Web project.
   to encourge children to become future Technocrats of the world. It
   is one of the biggest Internet education project in the world.

        a) http://www.thinkquest.org.
        b) http://www.thinkquestindia.org.

2) Founding member of MINC. Participated in MINC board Elections .

3) Supporting  member of  Global 2000 world wide community net project.
Its main aim is to bring communites all over the world together for
better survival through  internet and I.T.

4) Involved in UNESCO white paper on " Digital Divide ".

5) Promoting " h- Commerce " Concept world wide.

            a) http://www.humancommerce.com
            b) http://www.carryonindia.net
            c) http://www.iknowledgecom.com
            d) http://www.kapadaonline.com

6) Active member of IETF,ISTF and ISOC Chapters promotion .

7) Promoting  Perminant " Net work Training center " based on  ISOC Work
shops for Developing countries. Its main aim is to train people
Teachers , Technical people , Government employees , policy makers  etc.
on Internet technologies to build their networks. As part of this plan
we are working with CISCO to set up local academies in the state of
Andhra Pradesh.

8) Member of GKD project. A World bank project.

9) Working to create " Indian Internet " and Promoting  " Indian TLD "
Registry  to serve Indian people and communities .

 B. Details of nominating individual

      1. Full name : Vishnu .CVS
      2. Organizational affiliation : Human commerce Net .Pvt. Ltd.
      3. Email Address : vishnu [at] humancommerce [dot] com
      4. Country of residence : India.