Biographic Information:
Name: Jack Kudale


211 Avalon Circle
Smithtown NY 11787 USA


(631) 724 4873 Home
(631) 342-4944 Work

email: Jack [dot] Kudale [at] ca [dot] com

Country of Residence:

United States of America
211 Avalon Circle
Smithtown New York NY 11787

Occupation: Brand Management

Place of Work:

Computer Associates Intl. Inc
One Computer Associates Plaza
Islandia New York NY 11749 USA


Bachelor of Engineering
Electronics & Telecommunications Engg.
Collage of Engineering, Poona India

Master of Science in Computer Science
University of Shelbourne, Dublin Ireland

Master of Business Administration
University of Shelbourne, Dublin Ireland


– Certified Novell Netware Engineer
– Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
– Hewlett-Packard Certified HP OpenView Consultant
– Computer Associates Certified Unicenter Engineer
– Oracle Certified Professinal
– Sun Certified Solaris Engineer


8 years of experince in the Internet industry with Unisys, Citicorp

Experience in various fields of Product development, Technical Support,
Networks & Systems management, Address Resolution Systems,
Product management, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales Support etc.

Close ties with the Open Source community and working with the Open Source community since last 2/3 years

Close relations with Internet User community and working with them since last 4/5 years
Close consulting relations with the corporate users on Enterprise Management

Participation in ICANN various activities since last 1/2 years
One Year in brand development in the Internet related software products


The motivation behind being on Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers board is as stated below. Help ICANN operate for the benfit of the Internet Community as a whole, carrying out its activities in conformity with relevant principles of international law and applicable international conventions. Help provide the oprerational stability of Internet in the fast changing eBusiness environment with wired and wireless networks and promote use of open source software in the Internet backbone. Involve more internet community to comment on policies adopted by ICANN and take through the board for review and reconsideration and take actions based on the mass input for internet stability. Define policies, protocols and standards for internet security as its the first electronic sofisticated attack on our society and day to day living which may cause each individual tremondus amount of financial loss. Make sure internet reaches in villages and jungles through wired/wireless networks in developing countries and places where more natural resources are hiding, help improve lives where society is far away from basic education. Work with major infrastructure companies in technology sector in order to help improve quality of internet backbone in more secure and economic way in each and every place on the earth.

Jack [dot] Kudale [at] ca [dot] com