Biographical information

I was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1979. After winning some competitions (patronized by the European Parliament), I visited the seat of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg and I took part in “Euroschola ’97” (the European Day of the School), in Bruxelles. Sworn member of the Bergamo Novel Prize for three editions, I was member of the Committee of Seriate library.

2000 Attendance to BGWeb courses, dedicated to MS Front Page 2000 and MS Access 2000.

1998 Qualified accountant (48/60) at the Technical Commercial Institute in Seriate (province of Bergamo).

Linguistic skills
Italian mother tongue; good knowledge and scholastic understanding of spoken and written English; scholastic understanding and knowledge of spoken and written German.

Now I’m employed by an ISP


FF.AA. Italiane – Arma dei Carabinieri
Carabiniere, with military police duties, at a base of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); acting at Security Section

Promoter of the above mentioned computers producer

Freelance of an Italian Internet Service Provider and webmaster of a guide to e-commerce and shopping on-line


Regione Lombardia
Contributor of “Aladino”, guide to the studies after the High School Webmaster of the “Links Space” of the above mentioned young-oriented Italian site


BG Giovani Web
Webmaster of “Reviews” corner of the above mentioned site

Bergamo On Line
Creator of the Foreign Customers Database Promoter at the local Exhibition


BG Giovani e PopCard News
Freelance of the Internet corner of above mentioned magazines


I decided to candidate for this role in the most important Worldwide Net Organization because ICANN can improve the developing of the Net, helping technicians and users without forgetting the commercial operators.

I keep in touch with technicians and users (the souls of the Net) and I discover their opinions and how the demands change day after day. Operating on global and local base, I saw different uses of the Net. It’s important to match the requests from different kind of people involved: sys admins, front-end users, public and private operators, … respecting the rules which guarantee a useful management of the Net tech-side.

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