Mouhamet Diop is AfriNIC observer at the ASO address council, Executive committee on the Steering committee of AfriNIC, the new emerging Regional Internet Registry for the African continent. He is involved in the AfriNIC initiative since 1996.

He is the General Secretary of the ISOC chapter of Senegal. He is member of the ITU IP experts in Working Group 13. He is the CEO of NEXT SA, a Internet Infrastructure consulting company. He is an ISOC member an lecturer and participate to many training session for African ISP staff under ISOC and Francophone Agency. He is a member of the IDN/ICANN committee. He participated in 2000 as an IT expert to define for the Senegalese government a vision and a strategy to build IT infostructures for Senegal.

Mouhamet Diop graduated in 1993, from ESSEC (Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Sociales) at Cergy in FRANCE, with an M.B.A of Finances. Mouhamet Diop also graduated in 1992, from French Graduate degree in Telecommunications Engineering from ENST de Bretagne Computer Science and Networking FRANCE, and obtained at the University of Rennes in Parallelism and Distributed Systems, A Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies (corresponding to a Preliminary Doctorate Certificate). Mouhamet Diop also graduated in 1990 from ESMT de Dakar, a Telecommunication Engineering degree with highest honours, after a degree (French Bachelor of Science) in Physics and Chemistry, obtained at the University Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar.

Mouhamet Diop has set up the Internet Project in 1994 in Senegal, within the national telecom company and main ISP, and in 1997, he built the most famous national IP-based network in Senegal. He served as the Data Network Manager for Sonatel for two years. From 1995 to 1999, he managed the Internet Infostructure in Senegal and he set up the second LIR (Local Internet Registry) in West Africa, SONATEL, after the Burkina Faso, so SONATEL is now an ARIN since 1998 and RIPE member since 1999. And in 2000, he set up his own company called NEXT SA and is involved in commercial internet services.