Mr. Kuo-Wei Wu has technical, management and policy experience in Internet-related industry.

He is the co-founders of TWNIC (.tw operator), APTLD, CDNC (Chinese Domain Name Consortium). He is currently board member of TWNIC (2000 ~ now), APIA (Asia Pacific Internet Association, 2008~2010) and PIR (.org operator, 2009~2011), and EC of APNIC (1999~now), TWIA (Taiwan Internet Association, 2008~2010), and COSA (Chinese Open System Association, 1995~now). He has experience in supervision, financial, and governance.

In regard to Internet-related management, Mr. Wu was the deputy director of NCHC (National Center for High-Performance Computing) from 1990~1998, where he was responsible for TANET (Taiwan Academic Network) backbone operation to serve all the universities, research institutions in Taiwan and a staff of over 120 people. He is the co-founder of Asia Pacific Supercomputer Center Consortium (HPC Asia) to lead the experience sharing over ten Asia Pacific Supercomputer Centers.

He started Internet-related works since he worked for Cray Research, Inc. (1984~1990), and a vice-president of Yam Digital, Inc. (One of the leading Internet Portal in Taiwan). When he was a vice-president of Acer, Inc.. he lead the Internet service business for Acer, Inc. (2000~2004). He actively involved in ICANN activities (GAC, ALS, ccNSO, ASO) since 1999 til now. He also actively participated UN/WSIS (2004~2005), and UN/IGF (2006~2009).

He is the CEO of NIIEPA (2004~now) – a non-profit organization in Taiwan. NIIEPA provide research and consultant services in Internet policy and Information security for government, research institutions, universities, and industry.

Mr. Wu holds a mathematics BSc degree from Tunghai University (Taiwan, 1975), a MSc degree in Mathematics from University of Cincinnati (Ohio, USA, 1980), and MSc degree in Computer Science from Columbia University (NYC, 1982).