Personal Information

• Born in San Salvador, El Salvador, March 29, 1957.
• Married, three children, two grandchildren.
• Electrical Engineer, Universidad Centroamericana “José Simeón Cañas” (UCA), El Salvador, 1982
• Bachelor in Business Administration, Universidad Centroamericana “José Simeón Cañas” (UCA), El Salvador, 1986
• Master in New Technologies of Information and Communications, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid, Spain, 2005

Job Experience

• Computer Maintenance engineer (National Cash Register NCR, El Salvador) (January 1981 to December 1983)
• Production Equipment Maintenance Section Head (Texas Instruments, Inc. El Salvador) (January 1984 to September 1986)
• CIO of Universidad Centroamericana “José Simeón Cañas” ( (September 1986 to January 2014)
• President and Executive Director of Asociación SVNet (, SV ccTLD NGO) (February 2014 to present).
• Consultant for several private and public, national and international companies in the area of Information Technology, use of Internet and sustainable development, for almost 40 years.
• Director of several academy undergraduate papers to obtain bachelor degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, Law, Media and Journalism; and for postgraduate degrees in Education Policy and Political Science.
• School and University teacher for several years, in areas such as Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and others.
• Speaker at numerous conferences, lectures, symposia, seminars, workshops, both nationally and internationally.

Awards and Recognition

• 2021 Induction to the Internet Hall of Fame (, December 14, 2021, On line ceremony.
• 2020 Life Time Achievement Award “Premio Trayectoria 2020″, awarded by LACNIC, October 6, 2020, On line ceremony.
• 2018 G’NIUS Award, Awarded by Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador, November 22, 2018, San Salvador, El Salvador.
• Gran Ciudadano Digital (Great Digital Citizen), Awarded by Fab Lab organization, May 17, 2018, San Salvador, El Salvador.
• Salvadoran of the Month, appointment granted by the organization Mediolleno, January 2014
• Recognition for his contribution to the development of Internet, Tenth anniversary LACNIC, October 2012, Montevideo, Uruguay.
• Tribute from the Cultural Center of Spain in El Salvador: “Breakfast with … Lito Ibarra”, May 13, 2012
• Recognized in public media as the “Father of the Internet in El Salvador”, due to his work in connecting the country to Internet.
• Honorary Member of ASPROC (Salvadoran Association of Computer Professionals)
• “Honorary Golden @” 2005 Prize, awarded by ( and El Diario de Hoy, for his role as “the father of the Internet” in El Salvador (September 27, 2005)
• ASPROC Award 2003 as Professional of the Year. (ASPROC: Salvadoran Association of Computer Professionals) (October 5, 2003).
• Best high school graduate student, Externado San José School, El Salvador, 1975.

International Appointments

• Member of the ICANN Board ( (October 2015 to October 2021)
• Member of the LACNIC Board ( (Internet Addresses Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean) (January 2010 to December 2018)
• Founder and first President of LACTLD (Latin American and Caribbean Top Level Domains) ( (September 2001 to March 2004).
• Member of the LACTLD Board (April 2006 to May 2012)
• Member of the RedCLARA Board ( (Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks) (December 2002 to November 2004 and June 2009 to November 2011).

National Appointments

Civil Society

• Original and legacy manager (Admin contact) for the SV ccTLD (1994 to present, ccTLD delegation and IP addresses received from Jon Postel).
• Founder and President of SVNet ( (Organization that manages SV top level domain names and a B block of IP addresses) (1994 to present).
• Founder and Executive Manager of the Internet Exchange Point El Salvador (IXSal), a project under SVNet (September 2020 to present).
• Founder and President of Internet Society Chapter El Salvador (April 2014 to present).
• Founder and Member of the Board of Asociación Infocentros  (December 1998 to June 2009).
• Founder and Executive Member of the Board Asociación Conexión al Desarrollo de El Salvador ( (December 1998 to present).
• Founding member of Open Hardware SV  (March 2013 to present)
• Founder and Member of the Board of Asociación Fab Lab El Salvador (January 2014 to present).


• Founder and President of RAICES (Salvadoran Advanced Network Research, Science and Education) (National Research and Education Network) ( (October 2002 to present).
• Member of the Board of Escuela Especializada en Ingenieria ITCA-FEPADE (Higher Education Institution) ( (October 2009 to March 2010) and (October 2013 to present)
• Director for the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Cluster for the Higher Education for Economic Development IAB Program (2015 – 2017)


• Member of the Governor’s Assembly, Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador (Development Bank) (March 2015 to present)
• Member of the Board of the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT) of El Salvador (National Council for Science and Technology) ( (October 2002 to December 2012).

Private Sector and Enterprises

• Founding member and President of the Club of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (November 2010 to present).
• Member of the Board of TBox (formerly Futurekids) ( (July 2004 to present).
• Coordinator RIBIE ( (Red Iberoamericana de Informática Educativa) El Salvador (September 1999 to present).
• Member of the Advisory Council on the Caribbean and Central America region for Alliance Programme for Education of Microsoft (Partners in Learning) (July 2006 to 2018)
• Member of the Advisory Board of Fundaungo (December 2014 to present).
• Member of the Board of INSER, S.A. de C.V. (Since its inception to present).
• Member of the Board of Pagadito ( (July 2017 to present).
• Member of the Board of INNBox (, (May 2017 to present).
• Member of the Board of Mido (August 2018 to present).


• Attendance as a participant to several LACNIC, RIPE, ARIN, APTLD, AFRINIC, LACTLD, IETF and ICANN meetings, in different dates
• National Expert for the nomination of candidates for the World Summit Award (2003, to present).
• Jury in several technological, mobile and web applications contests (several years).
• Organizer and coordinator for several events, such as hackathons, innovation rallies, application development challenges, etc.
• Organizer of the first Museum of Internet and Information Technology in El Salvador (
• Promoter and coordinator of the installation of the first IoT (Internet of Things) antenna in El Salvador, at SVNet’s office.


• Weekly Blog in La Prensa Grafica “Convesaciones en Línea” (“Online Conversations”) (November 2008 to present, more than 635 entries)
• Several online articles in, and in many on line publications.
• Newspaper columns in three of the major Salvadoran newspapers, starting in March 1998 until November 2008, when he changed to a blog publication.
• Miscellaneous publications in newspapers, magazines, book sections, graduate works, both in paper and on line (several dates).

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  1. Lousewies Van der Laan says:

    I served on the board with a Lito for three years and wholeheartedly recommend him. He brings a number of qualities which are essential for the functioning of the board: he’s well respected and approachable, he can build consensus but also stand up for principles when needed and because of his diverse background he can build bridges between various parts of the community. He’s a man of integrity and wisdom, as well as kindness and diplomacy.

  2. Steve Crocker says:

    Lito is an experienced technologist, a seasoned manager, and, most importantly, an experienced board member. ICANN is a complicated operation; Lito’s experience will add helpful depth to the board’s oversight mission. Further, Lito’s broad experience in both the address community and ccTLD community will help balance the tendency of ICANN to focus primarily on the gTLD community.

    Underneath Lito’s quiet demeanor is a conscientious, thoughtful person with a strong sense of values and a strong commitment to work on behalf of the best interests of the Internet.

  3. Ron da Silva says:

    I had the privilege to work side-by-side with Lito on the ICANN Board for 6 years. He brings great perspective from being a ccTLD operator, actively involved in Latin American internet governance, prior experience with LACNIC and an outstanding leader on the Board. I whole heartedly endorse him for consideration by the ASO.

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