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2009 ICANN Board of Directors Election


Following a public nomination period that closed on 22 February 2009, the ASO Address Council (ASO AC) selected the final set of candidates to fill the ASO seat on the ICANN Board. This seat is currently held by Dave Wodelet, whose term expires in May 2009.

The candidates were:

See the Structure of the ICANN Board of Directors for more information about qualification, representation, conflict of interest, duties and terms.

Call for comments

The candidates listed above agreed to serve in an ASO seat on the ICANN Board of Directors if selected by the ASO Address Council. In April 2009, the ASO AC make its final selection to appoint Ray Plzak to fill the ASO Board seat. To aid them in making their final selection, the ASO AC members requested public comments and statements of support for the candidates.

A digest of all comments sent to the mailing list or received by the Nominations Committee is published on these pages.

Comments are closed.

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