New ASO AC Mailing Lists

In line with the ASO Review 2017 “Recommendation #16: For its internal communications, and for most matters related to the operations of the ASO, the ASO should favour the use of a publicly archived mailing list. In exceptional circumstances, for issues (e.g. Board appointments) that cannot be discussed in public, a non-publicly archived list should be used“, a new publicly archived mailing list,, has been implemented for the ASO AC to carry out its day-to-day operations. The ac-discuss mailing list replaces the ac-coord mailing list, which has now been closed.

Subscription to the ac-discuss mailing list is limited to current ASO AC members, designated RIR and ICANN staff observers and the ASO/NRO Secretariat. Non-member posts are subject to moderation.

The ac-discuss archived can be accessed here

A private, ASO AC member-only mailing list,, has also been implemented to enable the ASO AC to discuss internal matters, such as ICANN Board Seat Election candidates. This mailing list is not publicly archived.

You can find an overview of all current and past ASO mailing lists here

Last modified on 01/09/2020