Date: Wednesday, 4 April 2001
Venue: Hyatt Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, USA

The Address Council of the Address Supporting Organization held its second ASO General Assembly meeting on Wednesday, 4 April 2001 in San Francisco, USA. This meeting was hosted by ARIN alongside the ARIN VII Meeting, and was open to all parties with an interest in the activities of the ASO.

Agenda [Draft Minutes]
1. AC operational update, (AC Chair)

  • Goals and achievements since last ASO GA
  • ASO secretariat change
  • New members on AC
  • Emerging RIRs status report
2. Presentation of the regional open policy forums, (RIRs)

3. McFadden/Holmes report (more), (Mark McFadden)
4. Address utilisation forecast, (Paul Mylotte)
5. Address utilisation statistics, (Scott Marcus)
6. Progress Report on ASO nominees for the ICANN board of directors