Independent Review of ASO Granted to ITEMS International

The Number Resource Organization Executive Council (NRO EC), in communication with the ICANN Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC), has granted the independent review of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO) to ITEMS International after a detailed review of all the applications received.

As described in the original call for proposals, the objective of the review is to determine whether the ASO has a continuing purpose in the ICANN structure, and if so, whether any change in the structure or operations of the ASO is desirable to improve its effectiveness in the ICANN structure, and additionally, whether the ASO is accountable to the Internet number community when carrying out its responsibilities.

The scope of the review shall include all functions undertaken by the ASO in support of ICANN, in particular, global number policy development and the appointment of individuals to various ICANN bodies including the ICANN Board. Additional known tasks undertaken by the ASO in support of ICANN, such as the development of procedures to make appointments to other ICANN bodies, should be included in the review. Any questions regarding the scope of the review will be determined by the NRO EC.

Finally, the NRO EC would like to thank the other applicants who were considered, ACIG Pty Ltd, Interisle Consulting Group and Westlake Governance, for their interest and support for an independent review of the ASO.

Last modified on 14/02/2017