ICANN Announces new Directors

On 28 October 1999, ICANN announced that nine new Directors had been named to the Board by its three supporting organizations.

Directors selected by the Address Supporting Organization (ASO):

  • Robert Blokzijl
  • Ken Fockler
  • Pindar Wong

Directors selected by the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO):

  • Amadeu Abril I Abril
  • Jonathan Cohen
  • Alejandro Pisanty

Directors selected by the Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO):

  • Jean-Fran├žois Abramatic
  • Vinton G. Cerf
  • Philip Davidson

“The members of the Initial Board congratulate and welcome these new Directors, and thank the numerous participants in the supporting organizations who worked hard to complete the nomination and voting processes prior to ICANN’s upcoming round of meetings in Los Angeles, November 1-4.”

Last modified on 07/07/2020