ASO Roadmap 2004

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January – March, 2004

  • Election of Address Council Officers
  • Adoption of Address Council Workplan
  • Contribution of comments on ASO MoU to registries and ICANN
  • Planning for ASO General Assembly
  • Participation in ICANN Meeting; Rome Italy
  • Participation in LACNIC in Montevideo
  • Participation in APnic Meeting; Kuala Lumpur

April – June 2004

  • ASO General Assembly
  • Nomination process for ICANN Board Member
  • Participation in RIPE Meeting; Amsterdam
  • Participation in ARIN Meeting; Vancouver
  • Election of ICANN Board Representative
  • Nomination and Election of ICANN Nominations Committee Representative

July – September 2004

  • Participation in RIPE Meeting; Manchester, UK
  • Participation in ICANN Meeting; Kuala Lumpur
  • Participation in APnic Meeting; Nadi, Fiji

October – December 2004

  • Nominations for new AC Officers
  • Participation in ARIN XIV Meeting; Reston, VA, USA
  • Participation in LACNIC Meeting; San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Participation in ICANN Meeting; Cape Town

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