ASO Roadmap 2003

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January – March 2003

  • Hold Address Council workshop
  • Elect Address Council chair for 2003
  • Elect ICANN NomCom representative
  • Participate in negotiations/discussions between RIRs and ICANN ERC
  • Draft formal election procedures for ASO AC elected representatives (Board, NomCom, ASO AC Chair)

April – June 2003

  • ASO Annual General Assembly
  • Discuss and propose procedures for electronic voting
  • Assist and facilitate discussion of ASO AC roles/structure in new ICANN/RIR environment
  • Facilitate discussion of first round of RFC 2050 replacement documents
  • Complete definition of process for elections (Board, NomCom, Chair) and submit for community review
  • Nominations for new AC members (in some regions)

July – September 2003

  • Nominations for new AC members (in some regions)
  • Complete all work on election process

October – December 2003

  • Nominate and facilitate discussion of new representative to ICANN Nominations Committee
  • Nominate Address Council chair for 2004
  • Elections for new AC members
  • Plan for ASO AC workshop in early 2004
  • Facilitate discussion of second round of RFC 2050 replacement documents
  • Provide input into the ICANN 2004 budget process

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