Final Approval of LACNIC

The ICANN Board proclaimed LACNIC to be a fully approved and recognized Regional Internet Registry, to provide IP address registration and other services for the Latin American and Caribbean service region.

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ASO AC Selects ICANN Board Member

At its teleconference meeting on Thursday, July 11, 2002, the Address Council selected Mouhamet Diop to fill the ASO position on the ICANN Board to be vacated by Robert Blokzijl following the ICANN 2002 Annual Meeting. Mouhamet Diop will serve on the ICANN board for a term of three years.

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Regional Internet Registries’ Submission to the Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform

20 June 2002 Introduction the operation of the assignment of number resources from the Internet Assigned Number Authority to the RIRs, policy aspects concerning the adoption of common global policies, and governance of procedures relating to the recognition of additional RIRs. nominating three individuals to serve as members of the Board of ICANN. The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) jointly undertake…

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