ASO AC Selects Ron da Silva to Serve in Seat 9 of the ICANN Board of Directors

The ASO AC is pleased to announce that it has selected Ron da Silva to serve for a three-year term in Seat 9 of the ICANN Board of Directors.

Mr. da Silva is the ASO AC’s current appointee to Seat 9. His current term will end in October 2018 and his new term will begin at the conclusion of the ICANN 63 Meeting, which will be held from 20-26 October, 2018, in Barcelona, Spain.

You can find more information about Mr. da Silva at:

The ASO AC would like to thank Mr. da Silva for his three years of service on the ICANN Board and for his dedication to representing the interests of the global Internet numbers community. It would also like to thank all candidates for the significant amount of time they devoted to the selection process and for their willingness to serve on the ICANN Board.

Selection Process
Mr. da Silva’s appointment followed a lengthy selection process, which included a public call for nominations, a public comment period, written and video interviews for the candidates, as well as a voting session in which all eligible ASO AC members were given the opportunity to vote.

Full details of the election process, including election results and information on all candidates, can be found on the 2018 ASO AC ICANN Board Elections page at:

Last modified on 09/05/2018