Call for Nominations: NRO NC ARIN Region

You are invited to nominate candidates from the ARIN region to fill one (1) seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council that will become vacant when Louis Lee’s term expires on 31 December 2012. Candidates must be willing to serve a three (3) year term beginning 1 January 2013. Incumbents may be nominated for consecutive terms.

Any individual residing within the ARIN service region may be nominated, with the exception of Regional Internet Registry staff members. Self-nominations are permitted. Please note that the NRO Number Council representatives now fulfill the role of ICANN’s ASO Address Council. Responsibilities of NRO NC representatives are outlined in the ASO Memorandum of Understanding.

All NRO NC nominees from the ARIN region are subject to the Nomination and Appointment Conflict of Interest List published at:

The NRO NC requirements and responsibilities can be viewed at:

Any individual, regardless of ARIN membership status, may self-nominate or nominate one or more candidates for any open NRO Number Council position. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else as a member of the Number Council, visit ARIN Election Headquarters to fill out the nomination form.  Please review the nomination instructions at:

Nominations will be accepted until 17:00 ET on Tuesday, 4 September 2012. ARIN will contact all nominees via email and/or telephone to verify that they are willing and able to fulfill a three-year term. If ARIN cannot reach the nominee, the nomination will not be accepted.  Each nominee must submit the nominee questionnaire by 6 September in order to run for a position. The questionnaire is available at:

Direct any questions concerning this process to Communications and Member Services at

Information on the NRO NC can be found at

Last modified on 16/08/2012