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Candidate: Anthony Harris

Community LACNIC

Citizenship: United Kingdom and Argentina

Date of birth: 27/01/37

Civil status: Married, two daughters

Current residence: Argentina


  • British School – Montevideo
  • George’s College – Buenos Aires

Both English and Spanish are my native languages.


1958-1969 – Sales management positions, Cable and Wireless Ltd., (United Kingdom), branch assignments: Buenos Aires, Montevideo, La Paz (Bolivia), San Juan (Puerto Rico). Telecommunications services – Telegraphy and Telex

1969-1978 – Country Manager (Argentina), Western Union International (U.S.A.). Telecommunications services – Telex and Voice/Data Leased Lines. Coordination responsibilities for Chile, Perú, Uruguay and Paraguay.

1978-1982 – Vice President Norpen S.A. (Argentina). Large industrial company, manufacturer of zippers. Sales, marketing, imports, exports responsibilities.

1983-1986 – Country Manager (Argentina), Teleprint (Switzerland). Telex Directories

1986-1995 – Director International Marketing, Politronics (Argentina). Manufacture/Sales of Telecommunications Equipment. International Relations and Global Suppliers development.

1986-1989 – Country Manager (Argentina) for FTC Communications Inc. (U.S.A.). Telex, Voice and Data Leased Lines, Packet Switching Services. In 1989, I established the first international link from Argentina to BITNET, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Buenos Aires (this was the precursor to the Internet).

1995-1997 – Country Manager (Argentina), McDonnell Douglas TYMNet (U.S.A.). Packet Switching services for the TYMnet Network.

1998- To date – Executive Director, CABASE (Cámara Argentina de Internet – Argentina)

1999- To date – Executive Director, eCOM-LAC (Federación Latinoamérica y Caribe de Internet y el Comercio Electrónico).


1988-1998: Developed and marketed an online database called “Traderbase”, in Argentina. The concept was similar to what Ali Baba developed later.

1989: Was co-founder of CABASE, the Argentina Internet Association. Was a member of the Board of Directors (Secretary) until 1998, when I was appointed as Executive Director. Some of the main activities I have undertaken in CABASE:

  • Development of the membership. CABASE currently has 200+ members.
  • International representation. I have been the CABASE representative to the ICANN since 1998. I was a member of the DNSO/GNSO Council for more than 10 years, and served on the Nominating Committee 4 times. I was a member of the Standing Committee of Experts (RSTEP) for 5 years. I have been a member of the Executive Committee of the Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency (ISPCP), ever since ICANN was launched as an entity, and served for many years as Vice-chair of the ISPCP. I am currently also involved as a leader in the outreach programme of the LAC Strategy Group in ICANN. Am currently a member of the Commercial Stakeholder Group Executive Committee (CSG) in the ICANN GNSO.
  • Organization of events: I have been involved as organizer in these:
  • 1) IFWP Event, August 1998 – The LAC event of the International Forum on White Paper (IFWP) held in Buenos Aires, which led to the establishment of the ICANN as an entity.
  • 2) NAPLA 2003 – A regional IX event held in Buenos Aires
  • 3) ANTI-SPAM FORUM 2004 – Held in Buenos Aires
  • 4) ICANN Meeting April 2005 – Held in Mar del Plata (Argentina)
  • 5) Future of the Internet events (2008, 2009) – Held in Buenos Aires
  • Development of NAPs (Internet Exchanges): One of my duties in CABASE is to assemble the member groups for Internet Exchanges in Argentina. CABASE originally operated a single IX in Buenos Aires (implemented 1998), but from 2010 onwards has added 12 more IXs, located in Neuquén, Bahía Blanca, Mendoza, Córdoba, Rosario, Santa Fé, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Partido de la Costa, Posadas, Puerto Madryn and Bariloche

1999: Was co-founder of eCOM-LAC, the Latin America and Caribbean Federation of Internet and Electronic Commerce, based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Have been Executive Director of eCOM-LAC ever since. Some highlights of activities I have undertaken for this entity:

  • Organization of two “REGIONAL SUMMITS OF ELECTRONIC COMMERCE”: the first in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2000, and the second in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2001. The latter event featured the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Mr.Donald Evans, as keynote speaker.
  • Participation in the “Atlas of Geographical Diversity” international project (2002/2004), as a member of a global consortium led by the Fundació Aplicació of Barcelona (Spain), and funded by the European Commission “@lis” programme. eCOM-LAC was tasked to provision connectivity to dozens of primary and high schools in South America, for the duration of the project, which consisted in capacity building for school children to implement their school and community websites.
  • Participation in Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) since 2007. This entity was originally established by the World Bank as a vehicle to facilitate Public Private Partnerships and Global Networking to enable social inclusion projects based on ICTs. In 2008 I became regional director for LAC of this entity, in 2009 I became a member of the Board of Directors, and am currently President of the Board of the new GKP entity based in The Hague.
  • In 2007 I initiated the way forward for eCOM-LAC to become an ICANN accredited Registry, for the operation of a new Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD). This project is currently in launch phase, and the ‘.lat’ gTLD is initiating “sunrise period” for trademark holders in February 2015. This initiative was enabled thanks to the partnership established with NIC MX, who will be the back-office technical operator of the gTLD, and also provide marketing support.
  • In 2010, 2011 and 2013, I was involved as overall organizer of a series of IT Tech events for LAC policy makers. The events are always held in Miami (U.S.A.), and bring together a large group of specially invited senators, congressmen and IT government ministerial officers, for a two day forum on IT tech capacity building and the discussion of regulatory issues that can impact the ICT industry. I am currently involved in the organization of the fourth event, which will take place on March 9-11, 2015, in Miami.


With regards to IP addressing, my involvement can be summarized thus:

  • In 1999-2002, I was part of the founding group that established LACNIC as the LAC Regional Internet Registry.
  • As part of my duties in assembling IXs in Argentina, I have to point all new IX members to LACNIC, to obtain their ASN numbers and IP addresses. This has meant some 150 new LACNIC members over the past four years.
  • As part of the outreach efforts conducted by ICANN in the LAC region, I include the necessity of implementing IPv6 in all presentations and content materials. Since October 2014, I have made in-person presentations in Guadalajara (WITSA event) and in Santo Domingo (specially invited by INDOTEL), and stressed the urgency of implementing IPv6, due to the depletion of IPv4 addresses.
  • I have kick-started a project in CABASE, in partnership with RIU specialists Guillermo Cicileo and Mariela Rocha, to set up a technical assistance team that will undertake implementation of IPv6 at all ISPs, Universities and other relevant parties in Argentina, and which will include hand-holding and capacity building of in-house technicians in each case, and finally joint CABASE/LACNIC certification as “IPv6 compliant”. I see no other way to make any significant progress in IPv6 adoption, and this is critical for the development of the CABASE network of NAPs, as well as the launch of G4 cellphone services and the Internet of Things. The pilot test of this initiative will be run in March 2015, on two already selected ISPs.
  • In October 2012, I received two awards from LACNIC:
  • 1) 10th. Anniversary Trajectory Award
  • 2) In recognition for the invaluable contribution to the foundational and creation process of the institution