Louie Lee has occupied leading positions in network operations since 1995. As the Google Fiber Numbers Administrator, he is assisting in the buildout of a national ISP to bring broadband to the home. Prior to his current employment, Louie built the Internet Exchanges at Equinix (where he spent 15 years), and operated Netcom On-Line Communications’ network (later ICG Communications) for several years before that.

He has been active in the ARIN community since 2000. His service on the Address Council of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization began in 2004. During his 2nd term in 2008, he was elected to be Chair of the ASO AC — a position that he has held through 2016. And during his time as Chair on the AC, he also served on the first ICANN Accountability and Transparency Review Team in 2010.

Louie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Davis. His plans to enter into the health sciences field were permanently interrupted by his hobby-turned-career.

Louie was elected for a fifth three-year term ending 31 December 2018.