Peter Thimmesch – 2021 ICANN Seat 9 Nominee

Peter Thimmesch – 2021 ICANN Seat 9 Nominee

Growing up in Washington, DC during the turbulent 60s and 70s, Peter became acutely aware of the need for peaceful coordination of public policy and recognizing various underrepresented viewpoints as a holistic part of consensus. These insights led to participation on global forums in the unstructured wild days of competing factions of access, control and proprietary “code” that became VoIP, where distinctly different approaches were meted out in collaborative “bottom up” Internet forums or governmental controlled “top down” approaches. He recognized then, and still believes now, that there are valuable lessons that can be pulled from both methods.

His body of work has led to his involvement in creating numerous new markets, to include designing and managing the creation of a global system to transfer unused registrations of IP space to entities that desperately needed them through the founding of Addrex, Inc. in 2009. His deep involvement was not just on the business side, but into working with the Internet Registries to accept and take part in this new industry as an equal partner.

Prior to his work in creating the address market, in the early to late 90s, Peter was one of the principal architects in the creation of making voice and video calls into just another application that ran over Internet Protocol networks – something everyone takes for granted today.

Peter was able to accomplish this success by working in collaboration with, and listening to other interested people that helped over-come obstacles and shape innovation. With an ongoing commitment to encouraging his friends in the number community to work more closely to resolve differences and to bring about an opening to welcome a broader more diverse participation from all walks of life and people, he is well suited to offer his voice to the emergence of inclusion and diversity.

Lastly, over the last decade, Mr. Thimmesch has been an active attendee in nearly every forum, meeting and venue of the number community where he has participated in the ongoing debate about what has been the best bar each person has been to as part of the culture of the community. He has taken notes and will be happy to share them, over a drink.

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