LACNIC Meeting

Montevideo, Uruguay

Report from Joao Damas


Association statutes

Will be translated into English and Portuguese before 15/10/00 and made available for comment. At the same time, work will start on the legal process of registering the association. The Association will be formally registered in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Memorandum of Understanding between LACNIC and NIC-BR, NIC-Mexico for operations of LACNIC

After a bit of discussion to clarify who the staff are accountable to (LACNIC or NIC-BR) a clearer and shorter text for the MoU was agreed to by the various LACNIC founding members and signed. It calls for a formal contract within 45 days. A second MoU between LACNIC and NIC-MX was also signed describing the relatioship between the two.

Work plan

LACNIC will hold an open public policy meeting in the first week of December 2000 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 45 days the technical commitee shall finalize an activity plan for LACNIC operations.

In 45 days, according to the MoU between LACNIC and NIC-BR, a formal contract should be signed between NIC-BR and LACNIC to host LACNIC operations in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Translate the policy document draft into English and publish for discussion in the mailing lists and the open meeting.

To publish the list of ARIN members in the LAC region that have expressed their support for a LACNIC.

LACNIC operations

These will be located in Sao Paulo, Brasil. There will be an independent staff team, hired by Nic-BR, that will handle IP/AS requests in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Nic-BR will also provide connectivity and equipment necessary. NIC-Mexico will be involved in planning operations.

There will be a group of people involved with “more difficult” requests and cases where ISPs do not agree with decisions by the normal staff. This group will include people from NIC-Mexico, NIC-BR and possibly others.

Overall impression

Efforts to start LACNIC come from people of very different organizations. Present at this meeting were:

  • Raul Echeberria (Uruguay Academic Network and ENRED. ENRED is an association of Latin American networks, currently all academic but open to others.)
  • Raimundo Beca (AHCIET. AHCIET is an association of carriers in Latin America.)
  • German Valdez & Oscar Robles (NIC-Mexico).
  • Hartmut Richard Glaser & Demi Getschko (FAPESP/NIC-BR. HRC is responsible for NIC-BR. Demi is a member of the board.)
  • Oscar Messano, Antonio Harris, Edmundo Valenti & Jorge Plano (CABASE/eCOMLAC. Argentinian Chamber of Databases and online services is an ISP association in Argentina. eCOMLAC are the same people but this organization deals with e-commerce in the LAC region.)

I had a good impression from all their work. The next step will be the Open Policy meeting in early December.