Margarita Valdes – 2021 ICANN Board Seat 9

Margarita Valdés Cortés, MBM.


Master in Business Management (MGN)
Master in Leadership Management (MHD)
Diploma Organizational Happiness (DFO)
Legal and Business Manager and Board member at NIC Chile, University of Chile


Experienced lawyer, project management and leadership skills, am able to manage multiple roles, with respect, integrity, delegation, effective communication and commitment to excellence. Capable to built long term relations based on trust in business, academia and personal fields.

Since 1999, I work in NIC Chile (.CL registry) in the role as Legal and Business Manager, entity in charge of .CL domain name registry, inside the University of Chile. In institutional matters, I play the role of NIC Chile international representative @ICANN, @LACTLD, @ccNSO and also @CNNN in Chile.

Given that my work is related to built trust and operation of Internet, I have visited more 40 countries, representing NIC Chile and .CL in the global fields of Internet, embracing diversity and technology. In my academic role, I am an invited professor, in Master of New Technologies, Faculty of Law, University of Chile. I am also invited as a speaker, in the Summer School Program of WIPO (OMPI) about intellectual property issues and domain names disputes, in INAPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property), Chile.

Some of my specialties are: Internet legal matters, Intellectual Property issues, commercial aspects of Internet, domain names. Cybercrime, arbitration and mediation in domain names disputes. Also International and governmental relations, Coaching, Talent Management, Mentoring, Leadership and Happiness at work.

Some of my personal interests are music, art, literature, coaching, travels, languages, different cultures, photography, etc.


Business and Legal Manager at NIC Chile- University of Chile.
May 1999 – Present:
My duties include to work with customer services, institutional relationship with the government, business design, marketing, contracts, international affairs, etc. My role is the management of the area, which works in two teams: Legal issues and Business matters. At the same time, I participate in the directive board of the organization.

Invited professor at Summer School en WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
January 2014 – Present:
Speaker about Internet and Legal matters, like on line contracts, free speech rights, domain names, dispute resolution policies and systems.

Councilor en ICANN- ccNSO, March 2012 – Present
Work in different areas of the domain name system (DNS) and participating in working groups to built common recommendations and policies in this matters.

Invited Professor at Universidad de Chile, November 2012 – Present:
Invited professor in the Master Program in New Technologies, Faculty of Law, teaching about Internet, DNS system, domain names and legal matters related.

NIC Chile representative at ICANN 1999 – Present:
I participate as a representative of NIC Chile at the ccNSO support organization of ICANN. Currently I play the role as Councilor in the ccNSO Council.

Chair LACTLD, Latin American and Caribbean Top Level Domain Organization
May 2006 – May 2008
LACTLD is a non governmental organization, about domain names, TLDs, for Latin America and Caribbean region, based in Montevideo, Uruguay. I was elected as Chair for 2 years term.

Legal and Business Manager en Webhost Chile S.A. March 1996 – May 1999:
I was in charge of the legal and commercial matters in one of the firsts ISP ( Internet Service Provider) in Chile, at the starting time of the Internet connection in the country.


Talent Management, University of Chile, Economics and Business Faculty, August 2016.
Inside Out Leadership, Adolfo Ibáñez University, January 2009
Strategic Leadership, Adolfo Ibáñez University, April 2004
Advanced Negotiation, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business November 2003
Internet Law Program, Harvard Law School July 2001
Advanced Negotiation Harvard Negotiation Project, Fundación Chile June 2002
Leadership, YMCA Santiago, Chile December 1982

Voluntary work

Coaching and mentoring to young people, to lead their studies and career to a happy fulfilling life.

Speaker en Colegio Almenar del Maipo : October 2014 – Present
I give orientation as a speaker, for high school students, to help them to think and decide which studies they want to choose for their University or Professional career.

Sports and social Leader en YMCA in Chile
1980 – 1988. We work with children and families to enjoy sports and outdoors activities, with an ecumenical inspiration.

Projects participation

Registrars for .CL Registry: January 2019 – Present., Santiago Chile
Members: Margarita Valdés C., José Urzúa, Patricio Poblete.
New selling channel for .CL domain registry, to help spread and grow the .CL registrations in all the world.

Arbitration On Line System for .CL Disputes : December 2013 – Present
Members:Margarita Valdés Cortés, MBM., Luis Arancibia Medina, José Urzúa
Policy and structure design of this new procedure, the On Line dispute resolution system for domain names under .CL

Mediation Center NIC Chile: January 2000 – December 2013
Members:Margarita Valdés Cortés, MBM., Luis Arancibia Medina, Carolina Valenzuela Azocar
The Mediation Center of NIC Chile is a service given in order to resolve disputes about domain names under .CL , free payed. We help the users to find points to built an agreement, in order to avoid the jurisdictional scenario.

Electronic invoice for University of Chile : January 2001 – August 2003
Members:Margarita Valdés Cortés, MBM., José Miguel Piquer, Tomas Barros, Eduardo Mercader
NIC Chile was the first public entity to implement electronic invoice in the country, with another 8 private companies. As a project, this implementation was a great advance for the University of Chile accountant systems.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) for .CL : September de 2005 – present
Members:Margarita Valdés Cortés, MBM., Eduardo Mercader, Patricio Poblete, Alejandro Bravo Corona
IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) is a system that permits to use domain names written or composed with special characters by the communities, in their own language. In the case of .CL, our community can use the special characters of the spanish language: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, and ü.


Spanish as a mother tongue.
English, fluent, writing and speaking.

Skills and knowledge

Intellectual Property Issues, Mediation, Policy, Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Telecommunications, Copyright Law, Public Relations, Project Management, Trademarks, Social Media, International Relations, Public Speaking, Business Development, Leadership, Management, Domain Names, E-commerce, Cyber Law, Coaching, Mentoring, Human Resources Management.


Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Master of Business Management (MGN), Business Administration and Management, General, 2013 – 2015.
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Master (c) of Leadership Management (MHD), Business Management, 2017 – 2018.
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Diploma Organizational Happiness , School of Business,2017.
Universidad de Chile: Laws, Licentiate in law, 1988 – 1995.Corte Suprema de Justicia Professional entitled as Lawyer, 2013

Activities – groups : LEX Chorus, Faculty of Law, University of Chile

Personal interests

Leadership, Internet, Singing, Music, Literature, Politics, Travel, Coaching, Mentoring, Innovation, Talent Management, Internet, Technology, Cooking.

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