The ASO AC publishes a Transparency Review of its activities and procedures from the preceding year.

ICANN Public Session Agenda:
It is important that ASO-AC publish their public meeting agenda at least 2 weeks in advance and circulate within the community with the help of Secretariat.

ICANN Meeting Engagements: 

During ICANN64 meeting, ASO-AC conducted a public session with the help of NRO and IANA which was very well attended by the community. This should be further enhanced to attract more community members for next public session in ICANN 67.

Meetings with ICANN Stakeholders:

During ICANN 66, ASO-AC received meeting request from Dr Jan Aart Scholte to present  the outcome of consultation on “ICANN Legitimacy Project”. The presentation was attended by ASO-AC and NRO-EC members present at the ICANN66.ICANN Board Election Process
ASO-AC follows the operating procedure for the appointment of ICANN Board Seat 9 and Seat 10, it is important to review the operating procedures and fix any problem. During the ICANN 66 meeting, a closed session was organised to review the existing procedure and AC came up with following points.
  • The process needs to be updated.
  • There should be four distinct phases: Outreach/Nomination, Application, Review and Selection.
  • There was no need to have a separate Quality Review Committee (QRC) and Interview Committee (IC).
  • The candidates should not receive the interview questions in advance of the interview.
  •  The application process needed to be improved (create an application form).
  • The candidates should be asked more about ICANN and board governance.
  • The written questionnaire should be scrapped.
  • There should be more outreach during the nominating phase.
  • Updating the election procedures should be done openly: the ASO AC should be transparent about it.
  • The public ICANN NomCom documents could be used as templates/starting points for the new ASO process. A document that had advice on what to look for in a Board member would be helpful.
  • The candidate interviews should be carried out in an organized manner.
  • It should be mandatory for all ASO AC members to attend all interviews. Only a subset of the ASO AC (the Interview Committee) would be able to ask questions.
  • The ASO AC should come together to deliberate on the candidates. There needs to be a full discussion on how the candidates performed.
  • The nomination period often occurred during holiday periods. The timing should be evaluated to see if this could be avoided.
  •  It would be helpful if the ASO AC could have the 360-degree Board Review if the incumbent is standing for re-election.

Empowered Community

Note: A longer discussion is required on the topic of Empowered Community and role of ASO-AC in it.
  •  Determine if, how and under what circumstances and to what extent ASO-AC participates in exercising Empowered Community Powers.
  • Consider any possible changes to ASO-AC Operating Procedures in support of exercising Empowered Community Powers.