It is important that the ASO-AC regularly reviews the operating procedures and should provide a flow of information to the community that helps in creating transparency and accountability.

ASO-AC Member Profiles:

It is important for the ASO-AC members to publish their up to date credentials and volunteer affiliations with any relevant group/organization. At the beginning of the year all AC members should review and update their profiles (if required). If there is a change in AC member’s profile during the year then it is their responsibility to request necessary changes through the secretariat.

ICANN Public Session Agenda:

It is important that ASO-AC publish their public meeting agenda at least 2 weeks in advance and circulate within the community with the help of Secretariat.
ICANN Meeting Engagements:

During every ICANN meeting, ASO-AC receives multiple requests for meetings with other SOs and ACs. ASO-AC engagement updates should be published on the ASO website after the event. E.g. presentation at the new-comers session.

ASO-AC Meeting Attendance:

We already record and publish ASO-AC meeting attendance but those members who don’t provide any reason not to attend shouldn’t be classified as “Apologies”. There should be a more appropriate way of highlighting attendance. Also, ASO appointed ICANN Board members should be listed as either observer or under ICANN.

ASO-AC Appointments:

It is important that the appointments ASO-AC make to different ICANN bodies should provide timely updates to ASO-AC. A schedule should be made for each appointment.

Workplan and Review

ASO-AC work plan for the current year and work plan review from last year should be published on the ASO website. Work plan review should also contain the attendance of every meeting held in that year (f2f and on-call).

ICANN Board Election Process

Although, ASO-AC follows the operating procedure for the appointment of ICANN Board Seat 9 and Seat 10, but is there anything we need to do further in order to get more nominations because we have seen a decline in nominations and most importantly when an incumbent is re-running.