ASO AC Travel Policy
August 2012

This document describes the NRO policy for funding of travel by the ASO Address Council (AC), as a shared NRO expense.

1. Standard travel requirements

The NRO will fund the following travel for the ASO AC:

a) Annual face-face meeting

All AC members will travel to an annual face-face meeting.  It is expected that this meeting will be co-located with an ICANN meeting.

b) ICANN meetings

One AC member from each region,  in addition to the ASO AC Chair,  will travel to each ICANN meeting (2 meetings in addition to the Annual face-face meeting), for the purpose of participating in an official ASO Workshop.

2. Additional travel

Subject to advance EC approval, the AC Chair and/or other members may be funded for travel to additional events.

3. Travel arrangements

Travel arrangements for all transport and accommodation are the responsibility of the AC Member, or their respective RIR, in accordance with that RIR’s travel policy.

4. Planning

A detailed travel plan for each AC representative will be agreed no later than the second meeting of the ASO AC each year and communicated to the NRO EC for approval.  Ad hoc travel requests are expected to be provided to the NRO EC at least 2 calendar months in advance of the proposed travel.