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Call for Nominations: NRO NC ARIN Region

Posted on Aug 16, 2012 in News |

You are invited to nominate candidates from the ARIN region to fill one (1) seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council that will become vacant when Louis Lee’s term expires on 31 December 2012. Candidates must be willing to serve a three (3) year term beginning 1 January 2013. Incumbents may be nominated for consecutive terms. Any...

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ASO AC Re-elects Raymond Plzak to ICANN Board

Posted on Jun 5, 2012 in News |

The ASO Address Council (AC) has selected Raymond Alan Plzak to fill Seat 9 on the ICANN Board for a three-year term. As a result, Mr. Plzak will continue as a member of the Board after the end of ICANN 44, Prague, Czech Republic from 24-29 June 2012. The ASO would like to congratulate Mr. Plzak on his re-appointment and thank him for his hard work and...

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ICANN Formally Announces GPP-IPv4-2011 Ratification

Posted on May 17, 2012 in News |

ICANN has formally announced news that the ICANN Board has ratified the Global Policy Proposal for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA. The policy GPP-IPv4-2011 was sent to the ICANN Board by the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Address Council on 13 March 2012. ICANN then posted the proposal for public comment from 14 March 2012...

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LACNIC Elects New Representative to the NRO NC / ASO AC

Posted on May 14, 2012 in News |

LACNIC is pleased to announce the election of Ricardo Patara as the representative of the LACNIC region to the ASO Address Council/NRO Number Council. The election was held on May 11th, 2012, during the LACNIC XVII meeting in the city of Quito, Ecuador. Ricardo was elected to occupy a seat in the Address Council from January 1, 2013 until December 31,...

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Joint NRO / ASO AC Response to ASO Review Report

Posted on May 3, 2012 in News |

In accordance with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Bylaws, the Number Resource Organization (NRO) undertakes independent periodic reviews of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO). ITEMS International, a consultancy engaged by the NRO to conduct this current review, delivered its report in early 2012. A public comment...

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