Ray Plzak has been involved in Internet registry operations since 1991, first with the DDN/DoD NIC (1991-2000) and then as the President and CEO of ARIN (2000-2009). He has extensive experience in managing the allocation of Internet Number Resources; the administration of domain names (the .MIL domain); managing an Internet root server (g.rootserver.net); managing directory services such as WHOIS and IRR; and help desk operations.

Ray is a past co-chair of the Domain Name System (DNS) Operation Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is the co-author/contributor of several RFCs including RFC 2870 Root Name Server Operational Requirements (June 2000). He is a past member of the RSSAC and is a charter member of the SSAC.

Ray was an active participant in the WSIS and is an active participant in the IGF. Ray is the principle author/editor of several Internet governance documents including the NRO MoU, the ASO MoU, and the ARIN PDP. Ray is a co-author of Legal and Policy Aspects of Internet Numbers; a paper published in the Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal (2008) which demonstrates the heightened need for a consistent legal and public policy approach to critical management issues regarding Internet number resources.

Ray was selected by the ASO. His term will expire six months after the end of the 2011 Annual General Meeting.