Wilfried Wöber completed primary and secondary education in Vienna, Austria, and started studying Electrical Engineering at University of Technology (no formal degree earned). He was hired in May 1974 by TU Vienna’s Computer Center for the IT Service Group in the Faculty of Physics as a software developer.

Later on, when TU Wien restructured their Computer Center setup, the ACOnet-Group was relocated to Vienna University and also started to establish the Vienna Internet eXchange (VIX).

Wilfried serves as LIR Manager for at.aconet, which was established in 1993 to manage the address pool for ACOnet, the Austrian Research, Education and School Network.

As a side-line activity, he has been teaching for some 12 years at University of Applied Sciences in Wr. Neustadt, IT technology and security for diploma and master courses.

Together with colleagues, he helped to establish the first CERT, Computer Emergency Response Team, in Austria for ACOnet; the team became a member of FIRST in due time. Other security-related activities included helping with the creation of the national team CERT.at, and being invited to be on this team’s advisory board. Wilfried occasionally volunteers as a trainer for TERENA’s TRANSITS program.

In 2012 and 2013, he was invited to contribute to the development of the Austrian National IT-Security Strategy, which was eventually adopted by the Federal Government.