Henri is a lifetime Internetpreneur.

After graduating his Mechanical Engineering B.Eng. from University of Manchester (UK) and his Mechatronics M.Sc. from Imperial College, University of London (UK), he started his career in 1992 as part of the BPPT (Agency for Assessment & Application of Technology) team for the Indonesia Government Initiative to provide Internet Connectivity for all Indonesia Research Institutions. The initiative was known as IPTEKNET.

In 1995, he then co-founded the first licensed Internet Service Provider in Indonesia (RADNET) even far before the incumbent telco provided similar services.

In 1996, he co-founded the Association for Indonesia ISPs (widely known as APJII) together with several Indonesia pioneering ISPs at that time. Later on, APJII is then mandated by APNIC to be the Indonesia NIR, known as APJII-IDNIC.

Besides running as an NIR, APJII currently also manages Indonesia Internet Exchange Network (IIX) with constantly growing number of nodes across the nation, making it one of the largest Internet exchange in Indonesia.

In the year of 2000, Henri then co-founded IDC Indonesia, the first neutral data center in Indonesia and since then IDC also houses Open Internet Exchange Point (Open-IXP) which is today is Indonesia’s busiest Internet Exchange.

Henri now sits as Board of Commissioner of IDC Indonesia, among his other similar positions in various ICT companies such as VSAT and Pay TV company.

He also serves as member in various forums or committee, and all related to the Internet Industry, among others are National Forum of Internet Protocol Numbering and Committee of Internet Whitelisting for Special Internet User Segments.

Henri has been back active in APJII since got elected in 2015 and now mainly focuses to serve as APJII’s Secretary General.